5 Cozy Home Exterior Scroll Stoppers

Each week when I gather up inspiration for my scroll stopper posts it’s fun to see what has been inspiring me this week. This week it’s all about home exteriors. Each of these is different yet the same. All of them are uniquely cozy and all equally inspiring & I hope they inspire you too! Check out 5 cozy home exterior scroll stoppers & be sure to follow the creative accounts that shared them…

I love EVERYTHING about this. The fence, the burn, the roof, the large windows & shutters, the chimney, & I basically want all of this here on the farm. You can see more photos like this from @Duchess7777.

My new favorite account this year is @thepottedboxwood & the account is always filled with these best cozy home exteriors to inspire you… a must follow & I love the contrast here with the green shutters & check out those adorable boxwood balls! Perfection.

If you guys do not follow @Vartlillagrona, RUN NOW! Her account is so dreamy from the garden to the interior of the home & check out the exterior! The color, the charm, & have you ever been envious of a roof before? Because same. Head on over to check all of it out!

The simplicity of @UponWalkerRoads home & living is so inspiring. A must follow for sure. I love the restraint she uses in what she brings into her home.. it’s all just so lovely & so cozy to me. A must follow for sure.

Last but not least I had to throw in a cozy dollhouse exterior right? I follow so many accounts that have cute dollhouses for show or for play. This one from @MadisonJorg is so dreamy & she is a must follow for sure!


I hope these were all inspiring to you today & be sure to follow me over on Instagram @LizMarieGalvan for more daily inspiration. xx

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