Summery Coral Lips and Cheeks, and What Adulting Equals

Coral Lips: MAC Crossfade. Coral cheeks: Laura Mercier Corsica.

Adulting equals…

  1. Saying things like “wood rot” and “gum recession” and “deployment calendar” and “reparenting yourself.”
  2. Packing emergency go-bags for fire season.
  3. Being tormented by aggressive hyphenation.
  4. Flossing, and liking it.
  5. Tracking your protein portions.
  6. Listening to easy listening (96.5 KOIT, you know what’s up) while you chop vegetables for dinner.
  7. Knowing you need rest in order to keep functioning, and then (GASP) taking that rest.
  8. Forever drinking water.
  9. Keeping a stash of two-minute makeup specifically for video work calls on your desk.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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