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Did you know that every season can be cozy? You probably do if you have picked up my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, but there is a cozy tip I love that you might not know yet. My favorite way to decorate for different seasons is to not use literal decor for the seasons, but to use subtle implied textures, colors, & items for each seasons. For example, for fall let’s think rich earth tones, lots of pattern, & tons of texture. Instead of something with pumpkins all over it, maybe we think plaids, warm metals, knits, & heavy rich mixes of color. While browsing the Target website I found a bunch of Cozy Studio McGee home decor finds & rounded up my favorites for you guys. these are all great examples of cozy non-literal fall decor finds [or everyday cozy finds] Let me know what you think. You can see each item by clicking the photos below…



Thank you for stopping by the blog today & you can see more cozy decor & cozy inspiration [HERE] on the blog! xx

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