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I got some cozy mail today & I wanted to quick share it with you guys. One of my biggest tips to make a space cozy is to bring the lighting off the ceiling to your walls & your tables with sconces & lamps. Overhead light is great, but bringing the light down in the room along with the ceiling light adds more glow, but there is something about turning the overhead light off & turning the lamps on. Nothing beats that cozy glow! Lamps also add art & texture to a space as they are beautiful on or off & add a beautiful element to a space. I love adding texture to a room with lamps & I found some recently that intrigued me from Zara Home & I got a pair for our back living room & had to share them with you…

I love how these lamps look like antique finds with the metal base and unique lampshade. The metal & fabric texture added to this room is so cozy. I was a little worried when I ordered these because of the price tag, but I am super happy with the purchase and have no regrets. I quickly put them here today to share with you, but I will fix the chords and style more to share with you soon…

You can see more of these on my instagram in my latest videos [HERE]. I set the lamps here on this dresser, but may move them around. Want to see them when I style them again? Want to see what else I got from Zara? Let me know! xx


You can see more lighting I love in my Amazon Storefront [HERE]

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