DIY Easy Tea Towel Art – 30+ Cozy Cottage Tea Towels

I bought some tea towels from Zara Home a while back & have been meaning to make it in to some easy diy tea towel art for our kitchen for the longest time. I finally got around to it today & so I wanted to share it with you along with some beautiful tea towels I found around the internet for you to use as their intended purpose or to make into some art like I did…

To make the tea towel art you can see a visual tutorial on my Instagram [HERE], but it really is quite simple. I used a vintage frame I had with some current art that I was not using. All I did was open the frame up & wrap the current frame back with the tea towel. From there you have a few options you can use a staple gun, hot glue, tape or another adhesive to keep the towel in the frame or you can be like me & simply use the frame enclosures on the back to seal the frame up for more of a temporary art solution… I mean we all know how often I switch things up. This is a great way to bring in seasonal art to your home & also to with out color pallets with your mood as it’s temporary & when you are done with the “art” you can use it as a kitchen towel as it was intended.

I wanted to share some cozy tea towels for the kitchen for both art & normal use so I gathered some beautiful options below ranging from simple cozy cottage towels to beautiful works of colorful art:

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