5 Cozy Window Treatment Scroll Stoppers

Welcome to this weeks scroll stoppers! This week it seems I was really inspired by cozy window treatments. Maybe it’s because our house is so unfinished & ready for Reno that window treatments are very far away in our plans, but a girl can dream right? I hope these window treatments inspire you today & give you more inspiring people to follow in your scroll…

These etherial window treatments in Carlaypaige’s room. I just love how the monochromatic scheme between the walls and the curtains add the perfect amount of cozy drama while letting the antique pieces pop against it. You can see them & follow her [HERE].

This combination of bamboo shades & shutters in Union Willow’s home is just dreamy! So much texture & interest in such a small space. She is one of my favorites to follow [HERE].

This cozy nook is a forever favorite of mine from The Groggy Anchor .& those little cottage-y window treatments really just add the best pop of timeless character and pattern to the space. You can follow more Inspo from this page [HERE].

Blessed Mama To Baby Girls has ALWAYS been a favorite follow of mine. Her home just oozes coziness & every image leaves me inspired in some way. These patterned curtains make me want to add pattern to my windows so badly! I just know that she is a great host, her home smells amazing, & it’s probably even prettier in person! Follow her page [HERE].

This image from Devol quite literally stopped me in my tracks. Curtains in the kitchen?! This got my mind thinking & I love seeing posts that spark inspiration & questions within me. Like “What window could I try this on?” “Would you do floor length curtains?” & “what color, pattern, or texture curtain would I use?” just to name a few. I love this image & I hope it got your brain thinking today too! Follow Devol for more drool worthy images!


Thank you for stopping by the blog today & be sure to follow me on Instagram for more scroll stopper shares & updates from white cottage farm! xx

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