New Farm Babies on White Cottage Farm

Well, in true White Cottage Farm fashion, we never do anything in order or at the right time. Why not add an animal to the farm in the middle of the busiest spring season on the farm ever? Why not add the animal 6 years in to farming when it’s the first animal people usually add? Why not add the animal before you have it’s house built? Those are all great questions & I wish I could answer you, but all I can say is, White Cottage Farm officially has chickens!!!

& a few other birds. We now have added guinea hens, pheasents, Americanas, & Oliver Eggers. That’s where we started. We got them in the mail a few weeks ago actually & like many things going on right now I haven’t shared them. We have had so many things happening, projects, spring farm prep, births, & even home renovation that I have not shared lately… but guess what? I’m getting back in the rythm of  posting, sharing, & documenting what we are up to. I think I just needed a little break there. Back to the birds & the progress of a home we have for them…

Did you know that birds traveled in the mail? Before moving to a farm I sure didn’t. All the birds arrived safe & sound & became Cope’s new obsession right away. He has his “chicken chores” daily & is happy to do them which is fun to see him growing up on the farm & learn so many new things daily.

Where are they living? Well for their first few weeks of life we had them under heat lamps in the tiny greenhouse in the garden. it was the perfect size for them to cozy up & start to grow bigger. A few days ago we got a chicken coop in the mail that we had ordered & we just got it put together this past weekend. Their little home will actually sit in a new garden we are currently building here on the farm. We have our kitchen garden off our back patio & this garden will be beyond that next to our sheep pasture, barn, & the new greenhouse [that I have to share yet]. The garden will take time. We have to build a fence, build the beds, complete the second coop [unfinished building next to the silo], & much more. Stay tuned for those projects. I love that our little new coop from this homestead supplier [HERE] looks out onto the sheep & alpacas from their little coop. We just got it put together this past weekend & now it needs some paint and more “white cottage farm” touches.

For now the babies are snug as a bug inside the coop & they are all growing like weeds. Be sure to follow me over on Instagram to see more of the behind the scenes & see more of the babies. I can’t wait to share these babies with you as they grow & I can’t wait for them to give us eggs & take care of the bugs on the farm. I don’t know what took us so long to add chickens to the farm, but I’m so excited we did now!

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