Splurge or Save Cottage Colonial Living Room Finds

The Cottage Colonial Home Style is a trend that I really love looking at and researching. You may be wondering what the cottage colonial style even is. I would consider it a hybrid of two home styles, the cottage and the colonial home. I love the idea of taking tried and true materials and using them to create new and updated home decor and I’m seeing a lot of that lately in cottage colonial homes. Each week, I share 4 home decor dupes at varying price points in this splurge or save blog series to give you ideas for your home decor. Here [HERE]  is a link to all of my past dupes. Let’s take a look at 4 splurge or save Cottage Colonial living room finds.


I really enjoy how the use of rattan makes its way into home decor you typically wouldn’t see it in. Like mirrors. these mirrors are super similar in the sense that they have woven rattan around the edge. One is vintage, which makes the price higher, and one isn’t. Shop both mirrors above by clicking the images below:


These olive accent chairs are so similar in the way the cushion folds over the arm. This is a detail that many may look over, but I really like this little detail. Shop both splurge or save accent chairs above by clicking the images below:


I really enjoy the dark-aged texture of these table lamps. Shop both of them by clicking the images below:


These wrapped accent tables would look great in any cottage colonial living room. They are a good hybrid of cottage and traditional style and oh so cozy. Shop both tables above by clicking the images below:

What do you think of the cottage colonial home decor trend? Do you these cottage colonial living room finds can also make their way into other styled homes? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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