Scroll Stopping Images of My QVC Collection in Your Cozy Homes!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the launch of my QVC home decor line! It has been so great and surreal to see the items from the line starting to make their way into all of your cozy homes. Today I wanted to share photos that I’ve received of my QVC collection in your homes as a part of a special scroll-stopping blog post.

If this is your first time checking out a scroll stopper’s blog post of mine, you may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. Each week, I share a set of images that I have been inspired by and have stopped me mid-scroll in hopes that they also inspire you in some way. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE]. For now, let’s check out some of your images featuring my QVC collection!


@boxwoodfarmsllc shared this image of her new brass clock on a super cozy bookshelf! I love her collection of antique books and scales and the clock was such a great addition!


@downshilohroad shared this cozy corner in her home featuring the woven seagrass tray from my QVC collection and I absolutely love the way she hung it. This corner has so much color and texture. Hanging baskets like this when they aren’t in use is so creative and I even love doing this in our own home!


@aubr.eyjo was lucky enough to get both brass resin rabbits from my QVC Collection! I love how they look perched on these brass cake stands! Both rabbits are available to purchase for preorder here [HERE].


@valente1954 perched her bust planter from the collection on her cozy mantel. I am loving seeing how everyone styles their mantels and I’m so inspired!


This photo of @wallerhomeinteriors cozy side table featuring the brass table clock looks SO GOOD. I love the size of this clock because it works in so many cozy spaces.


Over in my Community Facebook Group, Victoria Salas shared this photo with me of her cozy mantel! I love the bust planter and the rabbit that she chose to style together. The one thing I love about this QVC collection is all of the decor works so great mixing and matching together.


Another cozy size table for inspiration! This time, @tarastexasfarmhouse is sharing her brass table clock and I love everything she paired with it!


This cozy space shared by @teachmehowtodecorate is so pretty! I love looking at all of her cozy decor but at the forefront of it all is the woven seagrass basket! This basket is so great for coffee tables because it gathers decor while being the perfect size without taking over the entire table.


This open shelving shared by @mimis.fauxfarmhouse is so pretty mixed with functional AND cozy decor. This is the large table clock from my collection and I love how it looks paired with kitchen decor!


This cozy kitchen shared by @followingthefraziers_ is so inspiring! If you look closely, you’ll also notice the bust planter from my QVC Collection. I feel so honored to have this decor in so many inspiring places.

What has been your favorite item from the QVC Collection? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget to continue tagging me in your styled photos once you get your cozy home decor. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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