Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 707

Rainy days…according to Tabs

One of the many things I admired about Tabs was his ability to always look polished, even if it was raining and pouring outside, he’d find a way to have neat fur, slick whiskers and just an all around polished look.

He was never one of those cats that would go out into the rain and come back lookin’ trashed. I asked him many times what his secret was, and although he never told me directly because he liked to keep his modeling moves close to the vest, he implied that having good foundational pieces, like a timeless trench coat or a stylish waterproof collar, were always keys to looking nice and neat in inclement weather.

Spring was the time when I got to see him shine with this particular skillset. We would go outside, me and my raincoat and rainboots; him in whatever fashionable getup of the moment struck his fancy. And we’d end up at these business meetings where my hair would be going every which way, and I would just look like I blew in from a storm, and he would just be pressed and perfect and presentable.

He was just one of those cats.

Rainy day Rosie

Rainy day Rosie, though, is another story! I have to say she that takes after her assistant, a.k.a me, in that she usually shows up to whatever scientific conference or corporate expo looking a little worse for wear.

Her mind is usually on other things, like quantum physics or predictive models of storms — you know, cat science stuff.

April showers bring May flowers!

It rained on and off last week, which is late in the season for us. One thing that my two cat companions do have in common is their sheer excitement over any sort of rain. Rosie, like Tabs, lives for the stimulus — the howling of the wind, the pitter patter of the droplets against the window. It takes her catness to the next level.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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