CWCS Book Club #3: What to Plant for Spring?

Spring refresh has been the theme this week, as well as the first stop with our book club. Yesterday we shared a fun and easy DIY where I taught you How to make Terracotta look aged. Today we are connecting with the outdoors a bit further and getting some seeds started, from a store bought raised bed/seed starter kit. I love today’s blog post because it shows you how easy it is to get a little garden started that can be done right inside you house or just outside your back door, or balcony for those in apartments. We have a few gardens here on the farm, but there something extra special about my mini gardens I have done in the past, before I get into it, let me show you this super affordable seed starter/raised garden kit I bought from Target.

Our bigger gardens are a mix of seeds and greenhouse bought seedlings, this gives us a mix of harvesting times, as well as a mix of plants we may not have seeds for. One of my favorite tomato is the Carolina golds, and a local greenhouse sells seedlings of them, so we love supporting local while getting jump start on a variety that we cannot find seeds for. Without a doubt planting a seed is a bit more special, because you are creating this plant from a little pebble that goes on to feed your family and sometimes other families. This brings me Cozy White Cottage Seasons Tip No. 11, “What to Plant in Spring.” This needs to be fully based on you and your  families needs. This upcoming year we are considering adding more florals, but generally we are don’t do florals a whole lot, simply out of the season of life we were in. We had so many projects going on, and excited to do as much as we could with Copey, he wasn’t ready to spend time in the garden. So the past few years were, kitchen essentials. Copey being a bit more interested in the garden, we are going to add a mix of kitchen essential items and florals. If you have absolutely no idea, start by identifying your Planting Zone, to determine what plants you can grow and when to start them and when to harvest them. Think about things you find yourself buying at the store often, tomatoes, onions, green pepper… Or think of your favorite florals that you would love to have up all around your house, or scents you would to capture and bring into your home. Still don’t know where to start, go to the little seed stand at most stores this time of year, and pick two vegetables you enjoy eating and two flowers you like looking at…

This was my very first time using this raised bed kit, and I have to be honest, it was not my favorite for the price. The kit comes with a variety of seeds for herbs, the garden bed itself with a clean dome lid, and two options for feet (32″ height and just sightly raise or tabletop height). You have to add your own soil mixes to the kit, and truly when you step back its a plastic tote with legs. In true liz form, I try to look at the positives, and its portable so I can bring it inside and out if I desire, the plastic is durable and reusable for the foreseeable future, where wood beds may need replacing in a few years. The kit does come with seeds, where all of the prettier options are just the bed themselves, so you still will need to pick seeds and soil mixtures. Overall, I do think there are some better options out there, but if you don’t have a greenhouse and love all things Target, this is a great option, and the point of this post goes beyond the raised bed kit itself, so lets re-focus on that.

All that said, my mini vegetable and herb gardens like the one I started today are extra special. We usually keep them near the house, or even inside depending on the container. I find myself paying bit more attention to this garden, having more personalize time with each plant as it grows. The thing I feel I connect with the most is that I go to this garden for a specific need, rather than a large harvest that you would do in bigger gardens. For example, my rosemary I start will continue to grow and last all year long, last fall (and typically during holiday gatherings) we will do a simmer pot (see that blog post here) over the stove to give the house that extra special cozy smell. I love going to my rosemary, and cutting off a few sprigs to add into the simmer pot. Not only am I making memories with friends and family, with the scent of my simmer pot, that simmer pot has a piece of rosemary I started earlier that year. I may be leaning a little bit into the crazy farm momma here, but I just see something so special here.

This brings back to my basic definition of cozy, your five senses being at peace at once. It is easy to find inspiration from a magazine or a blog, and see a space you want to pull from, but don’t forget about the sense of smell and even taste. Believe it or not, this seed starter kit I am sharing is perfect example of different ways to define your version of cozy. Connecting with Mother Nature, starting a new hobby, personal growth and learning for those that have never started a garden, are all ways inside and outside your home that can define your version of cozy. I hope today inspires you to start your garden if you haven’t already, or give your take at your very first garden. If you are a seasoned pro at gardening (I for sure am not), or starting your first one ever, connect with me on my Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and show me your version of a cozy garden. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us. Stay Cozy!



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