How to Make Terracotta look Aged

I am feeling fully re-energerized after the launching of my book club yesterday, that I woke up this morning with a DIY on my mind. It is no secret that I absolutely love vintage and antique items. I don’t know what I love more the hunt for those items or adding them into a cozy little corner. But sometimes, finding those items are just too hard, or maybe just out of budget. So for those that love old things like me, who doesn’t love making things look legitimately old. Today’s DIY I am going to show you How to Make Terracotta look aged, with only two ingredients. Here is how my DIY turned out.

We touched on this DIY before, it takes two ingredients, Garden Lime and Hot Water. Garden Lime can be purchased from any big box store and most floral stores. The advertised use for the Garden Lime is to change the color of hydrangeas, so you will typically find this product near the flower/plant food and other fertilizers and garden soil. Mix the Garden Lime with hot water into a bowl. I use a rough ratio of 1 : 1 – 1.25 : 1, Garden Lime to water. I like making a little more thicker mixture to add some interesting texture around the pots, but if you are just looking to change the color, than a thinner mixture closer to 1 : 1 will be great for you.

After you mix the Garden Lime with Water into a bowl, using a brush apply the mixture all around (inside and out). If you like texture like I do, I like getting a good scoop from the bottom of the bowl that still has the undiluted grit and apply it around the pot. When ever I am creating items like this that are suppose to look aged, try to tell a story or mimic other old items, stay away from uniformity and just have fun with the look.

Once you have it covered, allow for it to fully cure and dry, I found that depending on how thick the application is will determine how long but generally 2 hours the pot should be pretty dry. I did this technique a few years ago (you can see that blog post here) and left the pots outside to endure all of the elements, unsealed, and they have held up great, if not look even better. I am sharing that to let you know, this is where I end the DIY, but you can throw a clear coat to keep your masterpiece fully intact.

These DIY pots will probably end up outside, but for now they are starting my spring inside garden, filled with Rosemary and Lavender. I have house plants all year long, and love a few extra around spring that eventually make their way out to the greenhouse or in a planter somewhere around the house. There is something fun and special caring for something like a little plant that, even inside, can connect you with Mother Nature. I love this DIY aged Terracotta for many reasons, one of how easy & affordable it is to do, two connecting with Mother Nature, and three is welcomes spring into your life.

I hope this little DIY, How To Make Terracotta look aged, inspires you to connect with Mother Nature this spring. I feel like this DIY is perfect for someone with a sunny spot in their apartment to those with a full fledge greenhouse in their backyard, and everyone in-between. It is such a fun and easy DIY anyone can do, and it can quickly change up the look of any space. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. And please connect with us on our social media channels, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Thank you again & stay cozy!




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