Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club – Welcome! Let’s Talk about Spring Cleaning

I think I am just as excited to launch this book club as I was to announce the book itself! If you have no idea what I am talking about, last year published Cozy White Cottage Seasons – 100 Ways to be Cozy All Year Long, the second in a series of Cozy White Cottage books. My two design books capture the basic root elements of the word, feeling, thought of what is Cozy. Cozy is different to everyone, and I try to help showcase my version of cozy and how it can apply to you and your individual style. Clearly, I am pulled to cottage, farmhouse, French country, and that is not for everyone. My love for interior design, I hope to inspire everyone from modern simplicity, to eclectic farmhouse and everything in between.  The books are lovely little ways to bring find your version of cozy, while detaching from technology, but truly an extension of this lovely little website I call my blog. I share here daily different trends, styles, and curated series like splurge & save, scroll stoppers, and Tuesday treasures to help bring you that perfect cozy oasis right in your home.

Since today marks inaugural book club for Cozy White Cottage Season, I wanted to take a moment to chat about what to expect and how to connect fully into the book club. It has always been a dream of mine, since coming to White Cottage Farm, to host a weekly or monthly “something” here. From a Women’s study or something, just to connect and help others connect, and talk about whatever our hearts desired. Well, hopefully we can do that someday, but with much of the farm in a constant state of construction and remodels, that time will have to wait. For now, we will take our gathering digitally, and that “something” for now is going to Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book Club.

What to Expect and What’s in it For You?

I wrote Cozy White Cottage Seasons, in the order of how I think the order or cycle of seasons happens throughout the year. Being on a farm, for me, the season starts with spring, the season of fresh and renewed life. We plant our seeds in the garden, trees and flowers return, and for us Lambs are born. The book continues and works its way through the year, ending in winter. This book club we will be going through the book, starting with spring, moving to summer and so-on. And we will be taking a little bit further dive into each season covering many of the chapters, some individually and others as a group… however it flows.

The blog, The books, and everything we share on social media, really come from my desire and love to inspire your next cozy space. With that in mind here are my goals for the book club:

  1. Help everyone realize how Cozy is an important element of your life
  2. Help those find and define their version of cozy
  3. Inspire new hobbies and collections (tackling DIY’s, Antique Hunting, Starting Collection)
  4. Most importantly, connect and have fun

If you feel like those goals for the book club aren’t for you, I’d love for you to stick around help share different perspectives or adaption on how you utilized the topics we cover to help others connect more with finding their version of cozy.

Common Questions

Do you need the book for the book club?

No, you do not. We will be utilizing the book to guide us through the book club, but the goal of this book club is to inspire design (not sell books)

How often is the book club?

The book club is going to be constant flow of content. We plan on sharing daily from blog post, instagram stories, and maybe a few lives down the road.

Where can I participate in the book club?

In today’s world, having a so many different platforms and competing for feed time, I want to do my best to ensure everyone, everywhere can participate with a fully focused book club group. Here is our current plan for delivering the book club content:

Instagram: We will be first delivering the book club content on Instagram. Head over to Instagram (here)

Facebook: We have a lovely private Facebook group, within the group we have a subgroup dedicated just to the book club. If haven’t joined our private Facebook group, you can apply (here) and make sure you use the book emjoi: book ? in the why do you want to join.

Email: We will capture the notes to be sent out to our weekly email newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for “Letters from Liz” head back to the homepage and find our email newsletter sign up form.

Text Message: We also have a text group. You can text, 616-239-3094 with the book emoji:?  to let us know you want book club notes.

Here on the blog: We are going to provide in depth tips and recaps notes.

TikTok: If you want all the info in a super condensed version, I will post it on my TikTok (click here)

I don’t have the book… where can I buy it from?

Amazon seems to be the most common way to get the book, you can click here to buy your copy. If you live local to The Found Cottage, we have special-small shop versions that come with free Lightroom presets, or you can call them to order your copy too, but Amazon has a better price (probably shouldn’t share that). Also, Barnes & Nobel, Williams Sonoma, and Target are popular retailers.

Are you ready to officially start book club?

Okay, so after getting through all of that, let’s kick off this book club talking about Spring refresh. Referencing the Spring Checklist from the book, you can click (here) to download your own printable for free.

Number one on the list for any refresh, clean out the spaces fully. That can be shuffling furniture to clean behind, patching walls, and touching up paint from scuffs and scrapes. Once you get all that set and done, you can exhale that you have a fully cleaned the space and have a blank slate to start your refresh. From here let’s start our spring refresh. 

What are elements that identify as spring refresh items, changing out throws from the thick and heavy winter throws, to lighter and bright spring throws. If you have seasons tea towels, changing the winter buffalo check for some cute spring colors or vegetable printed tea towels. Bedrooms, change out the flannel sheets and heavier comfortable to lighter bright ones. And one of my favorite, if you love plants, start brining int some season greens. 

I love refreshing spaces, and the purpose of getting the spaces ready early is to do what we all want to do… get outside. So take advantage of those cool and wet April days, crack a window and refresh the space, because when the weather finally realizes its spring, you can get outside and into that garden, go for walks, or whatever you enjoy doing under the sun. 

We are going to dive into spring refresh a bit more with colors and styles throughs the book club, we are going to talk about what I’m loving, but for today’s book club, that is what we are up to first. Let’s get these spaces cleaned out and start the refresh one room at a time. I hope you are as excited about the Book Club as I am, and have already started your spring refresh. Please head over to Instagram and check out my stories, I left some question boxes for you to ask away so we can help direct this book club to address the common questions challenges everyone has when it comes to making cozy spaces. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it means the world to us here on the farm, and don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Thank you again and stay cozy!


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