20+ Cozy Farmhouse Pine Cabinets

Our home is no stranger to pine cabinets. It’s one of my favorite antique items to acquire and when I come across one, it’s really hard to not bring it home. I may have a slight obsession, but I’m ok with it! We have a large pine apothecary cabinet in our from living room here [HERE] and a smaller pine cabinet in our back living room here [HERE]. The bad thing about bringing in an antique pine cabinet into our home is that it’s really hard to share a source with where you can purchase your own. Well that ends today because I wanted to round up 20+ cozy farmhouse pine cabinets, both new and antique.

I love pine cabinets for many reasons, from their beautiful tone and texture to the grand size that many of them are; oftentimes, a true pine cabinet is a great investment piece that can pass through generations. Not only do they serve as great storage pieces, but they are also incredibly striking and an instant conversation piece.

Shop all Cozy Farmhouse Pine Cabinets by clicking the images below:

How do you feel about pine cabinets? Do you have one in your home that you will never part with? Are looking for one to add to your cozy decor? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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