How to Pin a Website to the Taskbar

If you use a website frequently, opening it every time you use it becomes pretty tiresome and boring. A small shortcut often seems like a lifesaver for your most visited websites and web pages.

If you are using a Windows 10 device, you have the golden chance to get shortcuts to the most visited or often used websites and web pages.

Windows 10 devices come with an exclusive feature that allows you to pin any webpage on the taskbar of your device for your convenience.

How to Pin a Website to the Taskbar 

Follow the Steps

1. Google Chrome

With Google Chrome pinning a website in the taskbar of your PC or laptop is an easy job. You can easily create a shortcut to your favorite website in a minute.

To pin the website in the taskbar with Google Chrome, follow these steps-

  • First, open the website with ist URL in your Google Chrome.
  • After this, click the ‘Customise and control Google Chrome Button. You can find three vertical dots appearing in the upper right corner of the chrome window.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut ALT+F key to open the customization A new small menu will open on your screen after opening.
  • From here, click on ‘More tools’ to open a new drop-down menu on the left pane.
  • After this, click on ‘Create shortcut…’ to open a new pop-up box. Here you can type your desired shortcut name. After typing, click on ‘Create’.
  • The shortcut will appear on your device screen. It will have the logo of the website and the file name you typed earlier. You can easily open this shortcut by double-clicking on this logo.

creat a shortcut

  • If you want to pin it in the taskbar, right-click on it. A new pop-up window will appear.
  • Now, select ‘ Pin to Start. A new dialogue box will appear on the screen.

pin to taskbar

  • Here you need to type the same name as the previous and click ‘Pin’ to create a shortcut in the start section.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose ‘pin to taskbar’. In this case, a prompt will appear with the same name as the previous. Of course, you can change it too. After typing, click on ‘Pin‘ to pin the window with the taskbar.

2. Firefox

If you use Firefox, you can easily pin the desired website on the start button or in the taskbar section. For this,

  • Forst, right click on the desktop screen.
  • Now, select ‘New’ and from the drop panel, select ‘Shortcut’.
  • A new pop box will open. From here, click on ‘Shortcut Window’. A new dialogue box will open on your
  • Add the desired website URL in the ‘Target field‘ section. After that, select the files where you want the pinned link to navigate to and click ‘Next’.
  • Now, enter the shortcut name in the box.
  • Finally, select ‘Pin to Taskbar to pin the window.

3. Microsoft Edge

Fortunately, those who use Microsoft Edge can also in their desired window on the taskbar of their device. It is one of the easiest methods to follow-

Microsoft Edge pin to taskbar

  • First, open Microsoft Edge and open the website you want to pin.
  • Next, click on the three vertical dots appearing in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Edge screen. A small menu box will appear.
  • Scroll down and select ‘ Pin This Page to Taskbar’.

You can also pin the window in the start menu. You need to select ‘Pin This Page to Start’.

 4. Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft has released a new version of their web browser named Microsoft Edge Chromium. This combines all the best features of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to offer you an enhanced browsing experience. This new browser also allows you to pin any webpage with just five easy steps-

How to Pin a Website to the Taskbar  google

  • First, open the website that you intend to pin on your
  • Next, click on the three vertical dots appearing in the upper right corner of your browser window.
  • From here, click on ‘More Tools
  • Now, click ‘Pin to Taskbar’.A small dialogue box will open.
  • In the dialogue box, enter the name of the website and click ‘Pin.’


Creating a shortcut to a webpage on your device taskbar saves you time and energy. It also saves you from the tedious work of opening a website with its URL every time you use it. Whether using a Google Chrome browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Microsoft Chromium, you can pin any webpage to the taskbar.

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