How to Hide Speaker Wire

You love playing music, and your speakers are the best part of the home theatre system. But lying speaker wires often become an eyesore and health hazard. You cannot do without a good speaker, but who does want the wires that damage the interior design? On top of that, the wires often become a threat to your safety. A lot of people often trip on the wires accidentally and injure themselves. Additionally, these wires often accumulate dust and dirt and impose challenges during the cleaning.

But, there are different ways to prevent such eyesores. You can use different methods to hide the wires from plain sight so that the room does not lose its appeal and remains safe.

These are different ways to hide wires, even if you need to run the wires through different rooms.

Are you interested? Then read on to learn the ideas that help you hide the speaker wires.

Solution to How to Hide Speaker Wire

1. Use your Existing Room Decor

Suppose you are not ready to spend money on different ways and ideas. In that case, you can always repurpose the existing decors of your home to hide those speaker wires. Here are some creative ideas for you-

Posters can be a great way to hide the wires from plane eyes. Just buy a poster that suits your personal preference or the room’s theme. Now, you just have to route the speaker wires so that it looks like a border of the posters.

2. Cover With Good Rugs or Runners

If the wires run through the floor, rugs or runners can be the best way to prevent these from becoming an eyesore.

The best part? These floor covers often add a touch of exotic glamour to your interior. On top of that, the rugs also prevent accidental falls. After all, people tend to fall while trapped on the wires unconsciously.

You can use rugs or floor covers, or runners that are suitable for the existing interior of your room. It is a simple, no-fuss idea that does not require any installation or tools. You just have to buy a rug and place it accordingly.

But, the rugs may not be able to conceal the whole portion of the wires. It can cover almost 90% of the visible wires if you are a little clever.

If you have hardwood floors, it is better to use same-size rug pads in different materials to ensure you can easily clean the floors.

Alternatively, you can also use cord covers to add some under-rug wires for extra support in the places with the highest footfall.

3. Tuck Between Your Carpets & Baseboards

In case your room is already carpeted. You can use the carpets and baseboards for hiding the wires. Baseboards, especially tack strips, usually have a hollow space during installation. That space between the tack strips and the walls is enough to hide the speakers.

First, you need to cut the paint seal using a knife or razor to open the rug and baseboard meeting point.

Now, you have to remove the baseboard mouldings to make the space to insert the wires. Experts recommend starting with the first stud and then moving to the end, where you need to install the wires. Care is required to ensure you do not damage the paint.

You can easily tuck the wires by using your fingers. If the space is smaller, you can use a screwdriver to insert the wires inside the space.

If you plan to use baseboards for installation, first try to measure the space required to fit the wires.

Alternatively, you can also use wire channels to pass the wires behind the baseboard neatly.

After the wires are correctly tucked, it fits without any issues. Again push back the carpet edge on the tack strip.

You may need to reinstall the moulding to cover the edges and conceal everything.

This is the best way to hide all the speaker wires minus any visibility or significant changes.

4. Camouflage With The Paint

Painting is one of the easiest solutions to hide the speaker wires from visible eyes. It is one of the easiest ways that require the least investment- paint, brush and your time.

Wall-mounted speakers are the best choice for this method. In case you do not have the chance to use carpets and baseboards, you can just apply paint to blend the wires in your background.

It is also an excellent way for those living in rented accommodation.

First, you have to tie the wires to keep them manageable. You can either use a zip tie or cable ties for wires. Try to use these a few inches apart to tie and keep them organized.

Next, you need to drill the wall and add some screws and hooks to the wall to keep the wires in place. If you are not allowed to drill or do not want to drill on the wall, stick-on hooks are also great.

Now, you need to find paint similar to the walls. Now, you need to paint the wires to camouflage their wires.

The best part is that you can always camouflage the wires even after changing the room colors.

The holes are also easy to manage if you plan to reinstall the wires.

5. Hide Alongside Your Light Strips

LED light strips are another clever idea to hide the wires from plain sight. These low powered LED strips are not harmful and not dangerous if you put them alongside the wires. You can find the LED strips in varied lengths, lumens, and colors. Some also blink and look fantastic.

Some LEDs are also stackable, and you can easily stick them on the wall. First, tie and organize the speaker wires with cable ties. Next, attach these with hooks on the wall.

Now, stick the LEDs alongside the wires or in such a way that the wires are underneath the light strips. Now, plug everything in, and you are ready to go!

6. Install Good Cable Raceways or Covers

Cable covers are the best way to hide wires from plain sight aesthetically. It is an excellent way for those who have multiple speakers or need to run the wires from one end to another end of the room.

The cable covers are made of PVC and can be found in different designs and styles. You also need some elbow joints, screws, anchors and double tapes. You can also find cable covers in the same shade of your wall color to discreetly hide the wires and covers.

You just need to install the covers and run the wires inside these covers as per your requirement, and you are ready to go.

7. Use Flat Adhesive Speaker Wire

Do not want all the fuss? Then switch to adhesive flat speaker wires! These wires are hidden to plane eyes and are permanent solutions if you do not want to drill holes or use any other methods.

The flat wires look like ribbons or packaging tapes with adhesive for sticking them on the wall. On top of that, these wires are flat and lightweight. These are also paintable to ensure you can cover and hide them entirely with a fresh coat of paint.

The flat wires are found in 16 gauge with two or four conductors. Additionally, you also need to purchase flat wire terminal blocks for each speaker you ate using.

Now, clip one side of the terminal box with the copper wiring and clip the regular to the other end to create a correct connection. After that, you just need to stick the flat wires. You can paint the flat copper wires if you need.

8. Snake Through Your Walls & Ceiling

Yes, you can hide the speaker wires inside the walls and ceiling. But, it requires some effort and interior remodelling. But, before you decide on that idea, check if your home is ideal for an in-wall or in-ceiling wire system or speakers.

It is best to hire professionals while using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and wires as they require some installation skills. But, if you are a pro at fixing the wires and electrical things, you are ready to go without any help.

You can quickly drill small holes in the wall or ceiling to pass the wires and route them to the ports even in multiple rooms.

Speaker wall plates are a great way in case you do not want to display the power outlet. These are bonding ports and can power up multiple speakers through different points and even HDMI plugs.

If your home has small ducts for venting or air conditioning, you can easily sneak the wires through these spaces to hide them. There are different ways to do it!

9. Consider Chair Rail Molding

Are you unable to use the in-wall speaker system? Then switch to the chair rail modeling. You might have used decorative pieces fitted seamlessly on the ceilings, walls, or corners of the room for a decorative purpose.

Chair rails are horizontal moldings that bisect the walls. These are available in different designs and can easily hide the speaker wires while adding some aesthetic touch to the interior.

You can also choose designs as per your personal preference. But, it is better to get professional help in this case because you will need to prepare the wall for installing the chair molds and also paint the wall after the molds are installed.

10. Go Wireless if you Can

The easiest way to avoid speaker wires is to use wireless speakers. With so many models available in the market, you will be spoilt for choice. The wireless speakers use a Bluetooth connection, and you need to charge them for a certain period. The best part is that these speakers are portable, and you can carry them along with you.


Speaker wires can become a disturbance to the eyes inside a beautifully decorated room. Additionally, these also cause many problems, including accidental tripping and hazards during the cleaning sessions. If you can organize and hide them discreetly, you can get relief from all these issues and problems.

This article offers you an in-depth idea of how you can hide the speaker wires. You can choose any of these methods at your convenience and personal choice.

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