How Do You Feel About Caboodles?


Remember the makeup organizers from the late ’80s? I have a vintage OG peach and mint green one from eighth grade, and I still love it. Funny thing… I’ve never used it for makeup storage. I’ve always kept costume jewelry in mine!

Caboodles are still around, believe it or not; I’ve seen them at Ulta and at Target. Whenever we walk by them, Connor stares at them longingly and comments on how she’d love one of her own. Side note: I’ve totally dropped the ball with Easter this year because of all the house stuff that’s been happening, so she might be getting a Caboodle filled with chocolate from the Easter bunny.

I guess Caboodles still have that special appeal, that magic something-something that makes girls want them!

How do you feel about Caboodles? Did you have one back in the day? Do you still have one now?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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