Cozy Inspiration – Styling My New QVC Line Items

Hi friends! Wow! What an amazing launch of my cozy line with QVC this week. Thank you for making it such a fun launch! I wanted to give some inspiration here of how I am styling some of the items from my collection in our home today in this post while I tell you thank you. I said it on Instagram this week, but I’m truly just a girl born in a small town with a lot of dreams & I just haven’t given up even when people laughed at me, doubted me, told me I wasn’t good enough, & didn’t understand what I was doing. Trust me, there were and are still days I want to give up. Through mental health diagnosis, loss, failure, & not seeing the light, I didn’t give up & I’m so glad I didn’t! Little “Elizabeth” would be so proud of me & completely freaking out right now that I was able to design items for QVC & that I get to share my passions, ideas, & projects with thousands of people daily that love the same things as me. Today was one of those full circle moments where it just feels unreal & like I want to say to everyone.. if I can chaise my dreams & reach my goals, SO CAN YOU! I am not special, different, or unlike anyone around me. Don’t give up, be weird, be different, be yourself, & get out of your comfort zone. Ok, let’s look at some pretty decor & stop with all this chatter, but it really had to be said. Thank you for being here, for cheering me on, for sharing my work, & for sharing in this cozy creative community with me. It means the world.

I love this olive tree so much because it’s a great way to add a topiary to your home that won’t die! I will be sharing many ways to style this guy, but right now… I love him in this vintage vessel! See my Instagram [HERE] for a video on how I got this look with it.

This bust is just a favorite. I have been styling & playing with her for months behind the scene & I was so excited to show you guys. Inside, outside, anywhere this bust looks amazing & can take on a new persona with different plants in her. Stay tuned for many more looks with her!

These clocks are so versatile & I love that they come in different sizes for different looks & different spaces. Shelf styling, on a mantle, on a coffee table, on a nightstand, & so many different spaces. The brass is perfect on these & I can’t wait to see how others style these as well!

I love this grain sack pillow because it looks like expensive antique grain sack pillows I’ve bought in the past. It’s such good one & will add a touch of cozy to any space from a bed to a sofa to a chair in your home. It’s a great “neutral” layering pillow or looks good on it’s own!

This plant stand/end table is just the best. I love finding unique pieces of furniture at the antique shop & this piece reminds me of pieces I find on my flea market journeys that I turn into something I needed in the moment. A plant stand? a small end table? an end table? a small entryway gathering spot for keys & such? You can decided & that’s the best part!

This crock is one of the pieces I loved designing because it’s based on antique crocks that I have & love. Now we can all have one! They are great for plants, styled on their own on a shelf, with a bouquet of flowers, & so much more! stay tuned for more ways to style this piece.

MOSS BALLS! I was never a moss ball person, but these… THESE ARE GOOD & would look so good in a bowl on a table, a marble bowl on a coffee table, a dough bowl, or even like I did here in planter pots! How would you use these?

Baskets are always a must & we have some amazing ones in this collection. From storage to styling, we got you! I love these baskets with wooden lids for styling on shelves because who doesn’t love hidden storage? Also, this handle basket is great for a planter, hanging on pegs, used as storage, & so much more.

These rabbits were a HUGE favorite at launch & sold out in 20 minutes!! How crazy is that? Well, the good news is that they will be back soon as the full stock didn’t come in for launch. So stay tuned for the news when they are back & more ways I styled them!

Shop all of the items from my QVC line by clicking the images below:

More items are dropping in the collection soon!! & of course more inspiration for styling too. A coffee table basket, rugs, & more will be dropped in the collection soon. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories for updates! Thank you again for sharing excitement in this collection I’m so thankful for all of you, for sharing, buying, liking, or commenting on the collection.. it all means a lot!


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