Favorite Things Friday: A QVC Line, Bedroom Refresh, and My Friday Finds!

Happy Friday, Friends! This week was a gloomy spring rain-filled week, and it called for creating our own sunshine around the farm. I was able to share a lot of really exciting things with you all, and honestly, that made the gloomy days all worth it! I truly believe it’s all about perspective when it comes to things like the weather that we cannot control. From sharing about my QVC collection to announcing that my Cozy Book Club will be making a return, it sure has been a week full of excitement that not even the weather could ruin. Here are some of my favorite things from this week:


When purchasing for a living room, purchasing a cozy accent chair is oftentimes not the priority. However, having a chair or two in a space can make all the difference and can also create a really great focal point. This week I wanted to share a round-up of Cozy Cottage Accent Chairs. Check them all out here [HERE].


Each week I gather 5 images that I’m inspired by in my weekly Scroll Stoppers blog series. This week features 5 dining table images that I have been inspired by. Check out 5 photos that inspired me this week here [HERE].


In this weekly blog post here [HERE], I share some great vintage and antique treasures from around the internet. I love curating special home decor items to share with you. Whether you are just here to window shop or to find the perfect antique to add to your collection, there is something for everyone!


Having a comfortable and cozy living room not only serves you but all the people you welcome in your home as well. That’s why this week I wanted to share 25+ Cottage Coffee Tables for a Cozy Living Room. Check out a round-up of coffee tables of all shapes here [HERE].


I’m back with another splurge or save blog post! This time it’s all about fresh spring home finds. One goal of mine in 2022 is to continue offering and sharing cozy items at all price points. That is why I love writing these splurge or save posts because it gives me a chance to search around the internet for the best prices for you! Check out this week’s dupes here [HERE].


Monday (April 11th) is the launch of my FIRST EVER Home Decor Line with QVC! I am so excited for you all to be able to shop the line of antique-inspired cozy home decor influenced by my own home and acquired treasures. This week over on my Instagram, I’ve been sharing some items from the line and WOW are they good! This will be an online-only collection available at QVC.com so hop online right away Monday morning if you are planning to purchase anything, I suspect some items, like this bust planter, will be a hit and sell out right away.


We gave our bedroom a little refresh at the beginning of the week and It’s crazy how just little touch-ups and updates can change the whole feel of the room. I got an antique vanity so that I can do my makeup in front of the window and added some new roll-up curtains. For all sources, click here [HERE].


Each Friday I like to round up some of my favorite current finds from around the internet. Whether it be clothing, plants, or home decor- I like to share some cozy items with you in hopes that it inspires you or just maybe it is the missing piece to what you were looking for.

Shop all of my Friday Finds by clicking the images below:


Heads up! My Cozy Book Club is making a return on April 18th! This time we are going to take a deep dive into my newest design book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons. Click here [HERE] to purchase your cozy if you are wanting to follow along.

How was your week, Friends? Is there something that stood out to be a favorite of yours? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. I’m going to have such an anxious and exciting weekend anticipating the launch of my QVC collection on Monday. All of your kind words this week as we prepare have meant so much. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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