30+ Cozy Cottage Accent Chairs

In my first design book, Cozy White Cottage, I share about creating an inviting seating arrangement in the living room. For many, this is the number one priority when thinking about creating a cozy space. Having a cozy space to unwind after a workday or to gather with family and friends can help make our cozy hearts refresh. When purchasing for a living room, purchasing a cozy accent chair is oftentimes not the priority. However, having a chair or two in a space can make all the difference and can also create a really great focal point. Today I wanted to share a round-up of Cozy Cottage Accent Chairs. I get asked a lot about our accent chairs in our home and while many of them are antique finds, I also have many that are able to purchase through the links below as well.

Cozy Tip!

A cozy tip that I wanted to offer today is to repurpose your cozy accent chairs in other spaces and rooms of your home. I move furniture around all the time; literally daily. From bedrooms, entryways, and offices, accent chairs can offer another layer of coziness. This goes for many different furniture pieces and decor. Go shopping in your own home for a space!

Shop all cozy cottage accent chairs above by clicking the images below:

Do you have a cozy accent chair that you like to curl up in after a long day? I would love to hear about your cozy chairs and why you like them on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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