Principal Engineer – Motor Control At Microchip Technology

Job Description

  1. Development of MATLAB/ SCILAB model for motor control for PMSM/ BLDC and AC Induction motor
  2. Converting the equation and theory of motor operation into optimized algorithm (fixed point number format).
  3. Development and testing of Motor control firmware.
  4. Testing of motor with suitable control algorithm.
  5. Testing and debugging of peripheral blocks of Microcontroller and communication blocks.

Job Requirements

  1. MTech in power electronics/ control systems.
  2. Well versed with theory of motor operation – operation of salient pole and non-salient pole permanent magnet motor, MTPA, field weakening mode of operation and sensorless estimator.
  3. Well versed with development of model in MATLAB/ SCILAB based on the motor theory.
  4. Experienced with Microcontroller (Atmel, PIC, dsPIC preferred).
  5. Thorough knowledge of power electronics, control systems and motor theory.
  6. Thorough with C-programming.


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