Splurge or Save Cottage Farmhouse Bedroom Finds

We spend more time in our bedrooms than in any other room in our home. A cozy bedroom makes dreaming, resting, and rejuvenating that much easier. Since it’s the place that we end and begin most days of our lives, why not make this space the coziest space that we deserve? That’s why today I wanted to share some farmhouse bedroom finds. Each week, I share 4 home decor dupes at varying price points in this splurge or save blog series to give you ideas for your home decor. Here [HERE] is a link to all of my past dupes.


Bedside tables are so difficult to shop for in my opinion. I love these two options because they are great for storage but are also antique-inspired. Also, they are great in other rooms of the home as well! Shop both tables above by clicking the images below:


Adding a seat element to a farmhouse bedroom is great for adding depth to the space. Whether you place a bench at the end of your bed or on a lone wall that needs something extra, a slipcovered bench like the two above is the perfect option. Shop both splurge or save benches above by clicking the images below:


I am a big fan of wearing a robe as an extra layer of coziness and when I saw how similar these sage-colored linen robes are to each other I had to share them. Shop both splurge or save robes above by clicking the images below:


I love crisp white bedding, but adding another element like the ruffled bedding shown above just adds so much to the minimal material. Shop both ruffled beddings above by clicking the images below:

What do you think of this week’s Splurge or Save Farmhouse Bedroom Finds? I would love to hear if there are any dupes that you are looking for. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram and maybe I can help find the perfect save! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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