Why Do You Need Pressure Washer Fittings?

The purpose of pressure washer fittings is to connect the parts of the pressure washer. It enables you to connect the trigger gun and high-pressure hose or between the pressure hose and pump. A pressure washer fitting comes in the form of an adapter and most of them are available in packages that include couplers, adapters, and fittings.

When you tend to add more attachments to the pressure washer, surface cleaner, or former, you will require pressure washer fittings. You may even need one when the situation demands extending a high-pressure hose.

What Are The Types of Pressure Washer Fittings?

1. Couplers

Often called couplings, couplers are available in different sizes. It is perfect for nozzles, hose pipes, and pressure washer guns. What makes it ideal for a pressure washer is that it has anti-corrosive construction. There are also screw couplings or quick-release couplings for user convenience.

2. Adapters

Even though the purpose of an adapter works just like a coupler, it lets you use it for certain types of coupling. An adapter is used for adding attachments thereby converting different types of fittings. With it, you will be able to add it to a quick disconnect female fitting and a nozzle tip.

3. Quick Connect Fittings

When it comes to quick-connect fittings, it enables you to connect or release screw connections in a quick time. This makes the task of removing the spray gun, pump, or hose convenient. Quick-connect fittings can come in male and female with the female having an O-ring and the male going inside the female ones. It can prevent leakages and is very popular.

4. Swivels

With a swivel, you can prevent the kinking of the pressure water gun. It allows the swivel hose to spin without twisting the extension wand and spray gun. You don’t have to worry about how kinking even when you walk a little further. It can stop the pressure washer and thereby prevent tangling.

5. Splitters

Splitters are available in a Y-shaped design that can be great for improved PSI. With a splitter, you will be able to connect two pressure washer hoses or add two attachments. It is also great for big jobs that require high power pressure washers having a GPM rating of 4 or above.

Which Material Is Best Suitable for Pressure Washer Fittings?

1. Brass

What makes brass perfect for pressure washer fittings is that it is corrosion-resistant. Brass is also very durable and comes at an affordable value. It is widely used as fittings and has a blend of copper alloy and zinc. The alloy has a low melting point that can prevent damage due to hot water. Additionally, brass is also easy to attach as it is available in different shapes.

2. Plastic

Even plastic can be very useful and is available at an affordable value. However, they are not durable and are only suitable for light-duty electric pressure washers. It is prone to damage and cracking as it is unable to handle high pressure. One of the best things about plastic is that it is very lightweight.

3. Rubber (O Rings)

Rubber O=rings help to prevent leakages. It is available in quick-connect fittings and is used in female fitting. It has to be noted that in a quick connect fitting, there is a potential of bending or warping of the rubber. This can lead to leakages. On the inside, the rubber O-ring features a male quick connect that will fill the leakage of the female socket.

4. Stainless Steel

Similar to brass, stainless steel can also resist rust and corrosion. They are very durable and come with chromium coating. Another great advantage of stainless steel is that it has better strength and improved chemical resistance. This makes it a reliable material and offers better protection. However, stainless steel can be expensive.

What Size Are Pressure Washer Fittings?

Size is an important consideration when you are looking to have pressure washer fittings. However, it completely depends upon the setting type. Two differences are British Standard Pipe (BSP) and National Pipe Thread (NPT). You must know that these types don’t hold together.

NPT fittings have flattened peaks and valleys and come with a 60-degree angle. On the other hand, BSP threads have rounded peaks and valleys with angles of 55 degrees. Another factor for having the appropriate size is to know inside and outside diameter.

1. M22 Threads

M22 threads come with an external diameter of 22 mm. The female side of the inner plug is 14 mm. This makes it prevent leakages. It is a common thing for pumps, hoses, and spray guns. However, there are also M22 threads that come with a large internal diameter of 15 mm.

2. 3/8″ BSP Thread size

3/8-inch BSP thread size is a fitting that has a diameter of 16.66 mm. It is the threaded male as well as the female of the fitting. Again you need to note that it is the connection of the fittings’ other end.

3. 1/4″

1/4-inch has a diameter of 0.25 inches. It is suitable for machine thread connectors, hoses, and guns. Similar to the 3/8″ BSP thread size, it is also for threaded male and female ends.

Main Considerations While Choosing a Fitting

  • The fitting should be tough enough to withstand pressure.
  • The parts of pressure washer should connect firmly.
  • The material should be corrosion resistant.
  • Robust construction to serve its purpose perfectly.
  • The pricing should be reasonable.

Measure Pressure Water Fittings

Measuring pressure washer fittings requires a caliper. A caliper is a device that has dimensions that go down to 1 mm. In some cases, you can even make use of a measuring tape. However, you need to make sure that you don’t end up taking inaccurate calculations.

Fittings for Electrical Pressure Washers

Unlike gas pressure washers, electric pressure washer couplers come with an internal diameter of 15mm. When you happen to connect them with your gas pressure, it will not provide a perfect fit which can lead to leakages. There are even electric pressure washers that come with a custom fitting that will only work with selected brands. For this reason, you may have to go for additional fittings or attachments.

Conclusion – Which Pressure Washer Fittings Should You Buy?

When choosing pressure washer fittings, it all depends upon the size of the pressure washer. However, you will have to consider many factors be it the material or type. Always go for brass or stainless steel as both offer better durability and have impressive corrosion resistance abilities. With quick connector fittings, you can have maximum convenience by fitting in no time. Also, swivel fittings help to prevent twisting and kinking.

On the other hand, the splitter can be perfect for heavy-duty jobs that require extra pressure. However, one of the most important things is to determine if the fitting is British or American. You will have to look for the one that can prevent leakages and have better longevity. Despite all these, it must deliver superior performance without any issues.

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