5 Cottage Bathroom Scroll Stoppers

Can you believe that the bathroom can actually be one of the coziest spaces in a home? It’s true! I know we don’t really think of it to be. I actually don’t have a cozy bathroom of my own at the moment. However, this year will finally be the year that I have a cozy cottage bathroom of my own and I could not be more excited. Today I wanted to share some bathroom images for inspiration.

If this is your first time checking out a scroll stopper’s blog post of mine, you may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. Each week, I share a set of images that I have been inspired by and have stopped me mid-scroll in hopes that they also inspire you in some way. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE]. For now, let’s check out some cottage bathroom scroll stoppers.


When renovating a space, starting from scratch isn’t necessary. That testament is apparent in this cottage bathroom shared by @leannefordinteriors. As a result, this space and the minimal changes that show here are simply stunning!


In many cases, I really enjoy turning to English and European home design for inspiration. That’s no exception with this Cotswold cottage bathroom shared by @ginagoesto. The wood-toned walls and flooring mixed with the natural light, white linen curtains, and minimal design features is so soothing.


Creating unique elements that spark conversation can even occur in a cottage bathroom. This photo by @nuproperty shows just that. Thus, the pull chain toilet is such a unique feature that really isn’t seen anymore but I really enjoy this cozy corner of the room.


A fireplace and lamp in a bathroom? SO COZY! The mixture of luxury and cozy retreat that @eyeswoon created for this bathroom is so inspiring. A truly enjoyable and relaxing experience would be to use this bathroom.


While many of the photos that I share for this scroll stoppers blog series are really grand and aspirational, I still really enjoy sharing them because there are bits and pieces of luxury bathrooms, like this one designed by @amberinteriors, that I like to bring into my own cozy farmhouse. I could just admire this photo for so long because there are so many design elements to take in and enjoy. I’m really enjoying the beadboard walls and long privacy curtains in this cozy space.

What is one thing that you can include in your bathroom to make it a little cozier? Is it a favorite candle or even your favorite plush towel? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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