Weekend Antique Finds: A backwards Map, Cute Mushrooms, and a Cabbage Container?

Hey friends! I hope you are having a great week so far! Still coming off the high from the Warehouse Sale at The Found Cottage, I almost forgot to share my new treasures.  Working the entire weekend at the warehouse sale, I didn’t realize until afterward how much time and energy I was putting into it.. We had an amazing turnout ,  I am so very happy it is done and so happy everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with great deals. I did manage to snag a few items from some lovely vendors this weekend. Since we are entering vintage/antique market seasons again, and I wanted to start brining back the Weekend Antique Finds series, to showcase some of my favorite items, and help you work antiques into your design and style.

The first item I snagged this weekend was this vintage map. The cool thing about this map is that it was displayed with the back facing outward, maps are always a great addition to a wall or room. I love that design freedom of choosing an actual location that means something to you… your current community or state, a favorite vacation spot, or your old stomping grounds. I also love the idea of displaying antique maps that are more interesting visually rather than literal. Some old maps have great details and it is really cool to see what towns and cities looked like in the past.

The next item I wanted to highlight were these super cute little mushrooms. I have always loved mushrooms in my spring décor, they just bring out this Beatrix potter vibe that you all know I live for. I think that mushrooms can play cute roll apart of kids room décor and spaces, or even add a little whimsical touch to a classic and elegant space.


Saving the best for last, this lidded ceramic cabbage container. I cannot even explain how unique and cool I think this is. As soon as this container came through the door at my store, I nearly pulled it right out of their hands.

I hope seeing my antique finds from the weekend was inspiring in some way and I will be sure to show you them styled in my spaces soon so be sure to check back here. Also be sure to follow me over on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for more behind the scenes and looks into our home and our life! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

xxLiz Marie

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