Gas Vs Electric Leaf Blower

Lawn owners face the task of removing leaves and grass clippings during spring. Not just lawns, they will also have to clean from sidewalks and driveways. It is not an easy task to sweep the entire lawn. For this, making use of a leaf blower will be an ideal consideration. It can be very helpful to clean up the fallen leaves quickly and efficiently. Leaf blowers come in different types and they are either gas or electric. In this article, we will compare gas and electric leaf blowers and let you decide which one is best for you.

About Gas Leaf Blowers

A gas leaf blower lets you fuel it so that you can take it anywhere you want. The tool works by propelling air out of the nozzle. It works with the help of gasoline and you don’t have to worry about batteries or a cord. All you have to do is to get fuel and start blowing. It is available in a handheld design and is very powerful. A gas leaf blower works great for patios and yards with an incredible wind speed of over 150 mph.


  • Gas leaf blowers can be used from anywhere.
  • Offers better flexibility due to the handheld design.
  • The engine produces more power for superior performance.
  • It offers a longer lifespan without the need for recharging or a power outlet.


  • It is very noisy compared to electric leaf blowers.
  • It comes in a heavy design and requires regular maintenance.
  • Gas-powered leaf blowers contribute to pollution due to emissions.
  • The fuel cost makes it a less efficient choice.

About Electric Leaf Blower

Electric Leaf Blower

If we have to talk about electric leaf blowers, it also has a similar operation to a gas leaf blower. Electric leaf blowers can come in handheld, cordless, or corded designs. The wind speed ranges from 50 to 100 mph. However, what separates it from a gas leaf blower is that it lets you power it with the help of electricity. Battery-powered electric leaf blowers come in a cordless design for offering better flexibility.


  • The absence of a combustion engine makes it deliver quiet performance.
  • Light-weighted design helps in easy handling.
  • Eliminates the need for storing gasoline.
  • Available at a cheaper price.
  • Does not cause pollution.


  • It is not as powerful as a gas leaf blower.
  • The corded design can be constraining.
  • Limited working range with the power outlet design.

Comparison chart: Gas Leaf Blower vs Electric Leaf Blower

Parameter Electric Leaf Blower Gas Leaf Blower
Suitable Short lawn Large lawn
Type Corded and Cordless Hand-held and Backpack
Wind Speed 50 to 100mph 150mph and above
Pollution No pollution Can pollute
Noisy No Yes
Weight Light Heavy
Price Cheaper Expensive

Gas Leaf Blowers

  • Power:If we have to compare power, gas leaf blowers offer more power. It also depends according to the size. If you are looking to have a gas leaf blower for everyday purposes, you can go for a handheld design. Even though backpack designs can be challenging to move, it makes sure there will be superior power.
  • Noise: A gas-powered leaf blower can cause noise problems. For this reason, it is important to consider the laws regarding noise ordinances. It is very noisy and the emissions also lead to pollution.
  • Weight:With the added weight of gasoline, it is very heavy. You will have to make sure that it comes in a backpack design so that you can carry it conveniently. Even without fuel, it can be heavier when compared to an electric leaf blower.
  • Price:Even the price of a gas-powered leaf blower tends to be more than the electric power design. What makes it a better choice is that it offers higher power. Cheap gas options have the same cost as an electric leaf blower. It can range from $60 to $500.

Electric Leaf Blower

  • Power:Electric leaf blowers are not as powerful as gas-powered blowers. If you are looking for more power, you will have to pay more. For everyday use, a less powerful model will serve the purpose.
  • Noise:When compared to the gas leaf blower, an electric leaf blower is much quieter. However, it all depends upon the type of machine. If noise is an important factor, you can easily opt for an electric leaf blower.
  • Weight:Often the weight of an electric leaf blower is lighter. That said again, it will all depend upon the model. Battery models tend to be heavier due to the additional weight of the battery.
  • Price:You will easily get an electric leaf blower in the price range of $35 to $150. This makes it lower in price than the gas models. An additional advantage is that you don’t have to buy fuel or spend money on maintenance.

Conclusion – Which Leaf Blower Should You Choose?

Even though both electric and gas leaf blower serves the same purpose, it all depends according to your requirements. When you choose the right leaf blower, you can make the maximum out of the tool. For small yards, an electric leaf blower will serve the purpose. You don’t have to worry about noise and you can have an easy reach to the power source. When it comes to large yards, you will have to go for a gas leaf blower.

In doing so, you don’t have to worry about using extension cords and you can move freely. In case, if you are looking to have a leaf blower for all-year maintenance, you can choose either from a gas-powered or a battery-powered unit. When you happen to use the leaf blower for extended periods, your ideal consideration would be a gas-powered model. If there is no issue regarding power, you can look for a cordless unit and recharge it conveniently.

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