The easiest Cozy Tip for spaces in transition

I cannot tell you the randomness I experienced today. I purchased some spring greens from my store the the other day, just to start seeing and feeling little more life inside our home. This time of year I live for fresh greenery. I had to change up my mantel for another project I’m working on, and you a quick cozy tip… if your in transition, a small stack of plants is a great way to make the space look decorated with minimal effort to style and take down… here is how it turned out…

You probably don’t change things up as much as I do, at least I hope you don’t, but we all have those spaces that need a face lift, and during those transitional times, if you don’t want it to feel bare or empty, a few plants work wonders!


I hope this little spring mantel caught your eye, and my tip of just throw a few plants together in a space for the fastest and easiest vignette during those times of in-between. Thank you for stopping by the Blog today and every other day, it means the world to us.


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