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Welcome to Tuesday Treasures! In this weekly blog post, I share some great vintage and antique treasures from around the internet. I love curating special home decor items to share with you. Whether you are just here to window shop or to find the perfect antique to add to your collection, there is something for everyone! If you are interested in exploring my past Tuesday Treasures antiques, click here [HERE].


Every time I come across an antique pine storage piece, I really try to share it here on the blog. I get asked so often how I find the pine pieces that are in our home and to be honest…this is how! Coming across pieces by chance on the internet is how I’ve found some really unique pieces.

Shop the pine cabinet above by clicking the image below:


Tiking stripe fabric is one of my favorite textiles to fill our home with. From pillows to hand towels and table cloths; it’s such an approachable neutral print that can be used in each season.

Shop the pillow cover above by clicking the image below:


It’s almost planting season here in Michigan! I am so excited to pull out our urns and get planting. These antique urns have such pretty aging on them…AND they come as a set!

Shop the garden urns above by clicking the image below:


Of course, I couldn’t share urns without also sharing something to fill them with! I love topiaries so much and even shared a blog post with some real and faux options if you are in the market.

Shop the topiary above by clicking the image below:


These vintage prints are a great, affordable art option. I love switching out them out seasonally for our frame tv and even have a few that I switch in and out of frames.

Shop the farmhouse print above by clicking the image below:


I came across this handmade quilt and really enjoy the print and color. Whether you drape it across a sofa or the end of a bed, it’s the perfect amount of cozy.

Shop the handmade quilt above by clicking the image below:


This set of armchairs would be perfect at the head of a dining table or even in a bedroom or office.

Shop the set of armchairs above by clicking the image below:


I love this vintage watering can to hang on a door or in a greenhouse to hold garden items. Fill with seasonal florals or some found greenery from your yard to make it extra cozy.

Shop the french watering can above by clicking the image below:


I came across one of these wire plate racks this winter and have loved using it when entertaining for the holidays. I’m so glad that I was able to find another one to share with you all!

Shop the vintage plate rack above by clicking the image below:

What do you think of this week’s Tuesday Treasures? Do you like to shop for antiques on the internet or do you prefer to do so in person? I would love to hear your preference on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

Shop all of my Tuesday Treasures above by clicking the images below:

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