25+ Cozy Cottage Shaded Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a more creative way of adding a light source into a space. If you’re looking to add a secondary light source to a room without taking up too much space, it may be time to look into a wall sconce. We have wall sconces in several rooms in our home. From the hallways, kitchen, and even our bedroom; I find wall sconces to be so cozy and a great source of light at night. We even opted for both hard-wired, and plug-in for our kitchen, which you can see more of here [HERE]. Today I wanted to round up 25+ Cozy Cottage Shaded Wall Sconces for you in case you are in the market for some new lighting. I also want to offer a cozy tip in case you are interested in adding a wall sconce but are scared of the work involved.

Cozy Tip!

Interested in adding a wall sconce but not wanting the hassle of hard-wiring? Look into adding a puck light or a push light where the lightbulb would be! This gives the illusion that the light is hard-wired without the need for an electrician.

Shop all of my cozy cottage shaded wall sconces by clicking the images below:

What do you think of adding Shaded Wall Sconces to a room in your home? I know they aren’t for everyone but I think the right find can make a room so cozy! Do you have wall sconces in your home? I would love to see them on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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