Saturday Surfing, March 12, 2022!

Good morning, and happy Caturday to ya!

Guess what? Corsages are still a thing (just in case you were wondering). I haven’t thought about corsages since my high school prom. I just assumed they’d be out of fashion, but they’re not! — and you can still get them at floral shops. I found this out yesterday while looking for a corsage for Connor to wear to her school’s father-daughter dance. A local flower shop in town (Morning Glory Florist) made her a pretty custom corsage with pink roses.

She and El Hub danced the night away.

So I had a rare Friday night to myself. Originally, I was going to chill on the couch and veg with an episode of “The Dropout,” but I treated myself to a trip to Nordstrom Rack and a pair of casual tennis shoes instead.

These are the Winklace sneakers by Dr. Scholls, and they’re like clouds on my feet!

Years ago, I had a pair of Dr. Scholls flats and wore them practically into the ground. I loved them, but they didn’t last long — about a year or two, tops.

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