Joyful and Hoppy Kids Easter Basket Finds

Spring is so close, friends! I can feel it! Last week I shared some Easter decor finds and Today I wanted to share with you some joyful and hoppy (haha!) kids easter basket ideas. Whether it’s for your child, grandchild, family member, or close friend, there are some great options for every child. I have really been loving all of the fun Easter baskets available. I even found a cute bunny sweater for cope when I was shopping for his basket. While it’s so easy to run to your local Target and grab everything you need in one stop, I also encourage you to stop by your local stores as well and give them some love! They often carry really cozy unique items.

Our children’s book, We Belong to Each Other, was released almost a year ago and I would be remissed if I didn’t mention it with these kids’ Easter Basket finds. The book is about our sheep Grace and her journey coming to our farm. Grace was the very first farm animal we brought to the farm, and she was raised not only by us, but the only other animals here on the farm, dogs and some barn cats. We love the story of how Grace came to this foreign place, where no-one looked like her. But through warm welcomes and love, she realizes she is exactly right where she belongs. Being adoptive parents, we love how this story is in a family friendly form to open the discussion and familiarization of adoption or even the feeling of being somewhere new along with notes of what belonging somewhere truly means.

Shop all of my Easter Basket Finds by clicking the images below:

I hope this round-up of finds helped inspire your easter baskets for the kids in your life. What are some of your Easter traditions? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie


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