Small and Cozy Splurge or Save Home Finds

Today’s splurge or save finds are small and cozy home finds. While adding grand furniture pieces into our home is great and really exciting, I find just as much excitement happens when I bring a small and cozy item into our home as well! Each week, I share 4 home decor dupes at varying price points in this splurge or save blog series to give you ideas for your home decor. Here [HERE] is a link to all of my past dupes.


I love this marble cookbook holder that can easily double as a book or picture frame stand. While I would probably keep this out and a part of our decor at all times, the holder is small and cozy enough to tuck away into a cabinet when not using as well!

Shop both marble cookbook holders above by clicking the images below:


I saw this brass vase when checking out some online antiques and was so intrigued by it! However, spending $250 for something like this is not really in my budget, and I knew I could find similar options! The dupes that I found for this piece are great small and cozy home finds that you can bring into your home now and have a staple all year long!

Shop both brass vases by clicking the images below:


When I found these two white vases, how similar they are, and the price difference, I just knew I had to share! Truly the only physical difference between the two might be the paint finish.

Shop both white vases above by clicking the images below:


I, personally, can never own enough cozy blankets. Especially in the winter months, I am constantly looking for a blanket to throw over my legs when I’m working or to cozy up with at night. These two cozy blankets are so similar but with just about $100 difference!

Shop both cozy throw blankets by clicking the images below:

What do you think of today’s splurge or save small and cozy home finds? Do you get just as much excitement when you add small decor items into your home? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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