5 Cabinet Curtain Scroll Stoppers

  Utilizing curtains to conceal items and replace cabinet fronts is a tried and true method that isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future. I remember seeing cabinet curtains in family and friends home when I was a little girl, and today I am still seeing this solution looking cozy as ever. So today I am sharing with you 5 Cabinet Curtain Scroll Stoppers! If this is your first time checking out a scroll stoppers blog post of mine, you may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. Each week, I share a set of images that I have been inspired by and have stopped me mid-scroll in hopes that they also inspire you in some way. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE]. For now, let’s check out some darling cabinet curtain scroll stoppers.


I love this bathroom space shared by @whitneymcgregor. The great thing about cabinet curtains is that they can add so much to a space depending on the color and fabric you use and if you decided to choose a pattern. I love this delicate pattern used on this cabinet curtain to tie back to the lampshades above.


The cabinet curtain in this cozy kitchen (shared by @sixat21) is small, but I still stopped and noticed it! What I really enjoy about this kitchen is the majority of the cabinets are open. The beautiful kitchen items are on display. But the items that Yvonne didn’t want on display are hidden with…a cabinet curtain!


@frenchcountrycottage shared this kitchen space a while ago and I still refer back to it for inspiration. I love this angel peering into the kitchen full of different wood tones that mix together seamlessly. Also that cabinet curtain in the background just fits perfectly!


Truly cabinet curtains can be used in any space that needs a little concealing. @stephgowla did just that under this bathroom sink. I love the green striped fabric that she used.


This dark pantry shared by @newtonandworthy is so fun! While I love all of the open cabinetry, I also love that they chose to add cabinet curtains underneath to conceal some items.

What do you think of utilizing a cabinet curtain? Is this a design feature that you prefer to stay in the past? Or would you be interested in trying it in your home? I would love to hear your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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