Snowblower Won’t Start – What to Do?

Winter is here, and you are snuggled inside a warm blanket drinking some hot chocolate or excellent hot cocoa! But, the snowfall can make the winter season a chilly nightmare for anyone! You can find your driveways filled with snow or your backyard filled with a thick pile of snow after waking up!

At such times, a snowblower comes as a rescue angle! This simple machine helps you cut down the time of cleaning the snow. It also saves your energy instead of hard manual labor (shoveling snow is not easy)!

So, if your region has a snowy winter, a snowblower is a must for your home. But, often, snowblowers run into trouble. You may find the machine is not starting or working correctly after you take it out from its slumber!

If you encounter such problems, you may think about running to the nearest repair shop to get the machine working again! But, do you know that there are a few troubleshooting ideas that you can apply at home? Well, you can quickly repair smaller glitches at home if you follow the right direction!

Read on to know more about what to do when the snowblower doesn’t start!

1. Check your Fuel Tank

The first and foremost tip to follow is to check out the fuel tank. The snowblowers are usually stored with an empty tank. Often you may end up forgetting to refuel it after you take it out during the winters. In some cases, the fuel becomes like a thick varnish-like substance if it sits for a long time.

Without the fuel, the snowblower won’t take a start, and it will not work at any cost.

So, open the fuel tank and check out any fuel left. If you find the tank empty, fill it with fuel to start the machine. If the machine has old fuel, you need to drain that first. After that, refuel it as usual.

If you are using an electronic snowblower, check the wire condition and condition. Often a broken or damaged wire or plug causes the machine to stop working. If that is damaged, replace it to ensure the machine works.

2. Set Fuel Shutoff Valve to ‘On’

The correct position to switch the fuel shutoff valve is essential to ensure the machine works. Often the machine does not start if the fuel shutoff valve is not switched on!

Check the switch first. If it is in ‘OFF’ mode, turn it in ‘on’ mode. Ensure the machine is always in the ‘on’ position to ensure the machine works properly.

3. Check your Safety Key

You also need to check the safety key of the snowblower. Many latest models of snow blowers come with a different safety key switch. These are similar to the starting switch of the lawnmowers.

It is usually a red toggle switch for extra safety. you should always check out the safety switch if the machine is not working. Check it by flipping the switch once or twice.

4. SwitchTry Starting in the ‘Full Choke Mode’

Yes, snowblowers can also get jammed if the machine does not work. Often the engine gets cold while sitting in the corner. The engine often gets jammed if the temperature goes down to the sub-zero level. You can see the complete choke method to start the machine. If the temperature is sub-zero, prime the carbonator if the machine refuses to start.

You can also choke the machine without priming if the temperature is above the sub-zero level.

5. Check Throttle

Some snow blowers also come with a throttle mechanism. Check out if the snowblower has a throttle switch. Ensure the throttle is in the three-quarter position or higher than it.

6. Examine your Spark Plug

If you have followed all these steps and the machine is still unable to start, you need to check out the examine plug. There can be different issues related to the spark switch.

  • It may have developed a crack in its porcelain part

If the spark plug has a crack, you need to replace it immediately. The crack means that the plug has lost its effectiveness and will not work anymore.

Most of the plugs need to be in the correct position to work. If you find the incorrect gap, adjust it to restart the blower.

  • The fuel is not connected to the spark plug.

Often the spark plug loses its connection with the fuel tank. If the plug is wet, it may have been flooded with fuel. In this case, you need to take the plug out and switch on the engine multiple times to remove the fuel from the plug hole. Then, try to clean the excessive fuel with a dry cloth and put the plugin in its proper place again.

 7. Check Starter

This is the last resort for you. Often a snowblower fails to start because the starter mechanism is not working correctly. Often electric starters break with time and require a replacement from time to time.

If that is the case, you may need to visit the nearest repair shop to replace the starter switch.


This is a comprehensive troubleshooting checklist for a snowblower that is not working. You can try each of them multiple times to check if the machine works. If there is no positive result, you can visit the nearest repair shop or the service center of the snowblower company to get it repaired. Alternatively, you can also call a technician to your home to get the repair work done.

In some cases, repairs do not work for older machines. If that is the case, you can also move forward to buy a new snowblower.

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