How To Start a Perfect Fire in a Fire Pit

If you love camping amidst the jungle, a fire pit seems necessary. You will love to spend some quality time in front of the fire and enjoy some delicious barbeque and bonfire.

Even a bonfire in your backyard during the winters seems wonderful amidst the warmth and cosy atmosphere.

But, for many people starting a fire is more difficult than they imagine. First, you need to find the right logs and woods to get some natural gas and propane or starter coal to ensure the logs burn properly.

On top of that, starting a fire is the easiest way to tackle everything properly. After all, you do not want to spend hours in front of the log pile to start a fire!

Starting a fire in a fire pit is not difficult if you follow the right instructions! Here is a detailed guide for you-

How to Start Fire in your Fire Pit (Step by Step)

1. Create Bed For The Fire

The first step to start the fire is to prepare the fire pit. You need to maintain proper ground to ensure the fire remains lit for hours. You need to gather the resources first-

Usually, lighters and matches are used as the most basic fire starters. Some people also use coal or switch sticks to start the fire. Alternatively, you can also use Arc Lighters to start the fire. While starting the fire, you must keep these flammable items out of the reach of children.

Tinder is used to combust the fire. You need to use dry items like newspapers, tree bark, straws, leaves, dry grass or hay as Tinder. These items catch fire easily, and using a limited portion of these items is enough to start the fire.

2. Fire Pit Lighting

Lighting the fire pit determines how long the file will burn and how hot it will be.

First, add the tinder and place the fire starters atop the tinder. On top of that lay the Kindling in a pyramid structure. Keep a small opening in front of the pyramid to start the fire. Always use Tinder in a good amount to ensure the fire catches easily. You can also use fire starters beside the coal or Tinder.

You can use a torch or arc lighter or light up a small stick to start the fire. Light a match and throw it on the Tinder. Wait for some time to let it burn. After you see the fire, proceed further by adding the Kindling.

3. Add the Kindling

Kindlings are small sticks or twigs that catch Tinder’s fire and keep the fire burning. Twigs of eight-inch length and one-inch circumference are ideal and Kindling. Thinner Kindling is ideal as it keeps the fire burning and is effective for long hours. Besides that, use dry kindling free of any mold or moisture. This will ensure the fire starts faster.

4. Add Larger Wood

The final step of the resource is firewood. You can always use branches or logs collected from the woods or your backyard. But the woods should be dry. Otherwise, they will not catch fire. Kiln-dried firewood is also a great choice if you buy firewood from a camping shop. While choosing firewood, try to use woods like oak, applewood, etc. These words usually burn hotter and stay lit up longer, resulting in a fire that burns for hours easily.

The ideal firewood length is sixteen inches, but you can increase that as per the size of your fire pit. If you want, you can also use a fire-burning stove or wood-burning stove as the fire pit.

Atop the kindling, place the firewood in the same motion.

If you want the fire to burn for a long time, make sure to add firewood after fifteen to thirty minutes till you need the fire.

5. Get Out The Marshmallows

Backyard fire or even campfire- nothing is complete without some toasted marshmallows. These sugary treats become fluffy and gooey, and you can make s’mores or eat them as toasted.

If you plan to toast marshmallows, try to use larger sticks. Bamboo stakes or kebab stakes are ideal for toasting marshmallows in the fire. Ensure that these are soaked in water for five to ten minutes to ensure the sticks do not catch fire easily.

Make sure to supervise children by dividing them into small groups of two to three. Ensure they are away from the fire and do not eat the piping hot marshmallow just after toasting their food.

6. How To Light A Fire Pit

Well, that is pretty easy. First, choose a dry place to build the fire pit. Add the kindling and tinder first, Then place the fire starters(if you are using these).

Always use kindling and twigs in enough potion to ensure the fire starts easily. Next, lay the kindling in a pyramid style with a small hole in front of the fire to start it.

You can use a matchstick or a torch to light the fire. Wait for a few minutes as the twins catch fire. When the fire starts, add the firewood.

Alternatively, you can lay the firewood in the same pyramidal shape and keep the small opening for easy access. Now, light the twigs and Tinder using a torch or lighter. Wait till the Tinder catches fire. You will see that the fire is spreading, and it will be completely lit up within fifteen minutes.

What Kind of Wood is Good for the Fire Pit?

Hardwoods which burn hotter and burn for a long time are ideal for a fire pit. These also burn cleaner and make less smoke and residue, making the fire long-lasting and stronger. Hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple, ash wood, pinewood etc. are great choices,

How Much Time Does Wood Burn in the Fire Pit?

In general, the woods burn for ten to twenty minutes in a fire pit. But, the type of wood you use also affects its burning time. For example, softwoods do not last long and die out immediately within ten minutes. On the contrary, hardwoods last longer. Therefore, you should continuously add firewood after fifteen minutes to keep the fire lit.


If you follow the right steps, starting a fire in a fire pit is an easy task. Always maintain safety and precaution while lighting a fire. Additionally, ensure to extinguish the fire when you no longer need it to prevent any mishaps.

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