Beauty Products: What Things Do You Buy the Most?


1. Black hair ties

I am forever buying new packs of black hair ties to replace the ones that disappear into the black hole of beauty products. When I try really hard not to lose them, I might go five, maybe six months, without buying a new pack.

Typically, though, I’m grabbing a fresh one every three or four months. I’ve given in to the reality of not being able to keep them. In the words of the Mandolorian, “This is the way.”

2. Hair Conditioner

OMG, so much conditioner! Remember how in the ’80s and ’90s how the directions on conditioner bottles would say something along the lines of working a quarter-size dollop into your hair? I’ve always needed, like, five dollars worth of quarters in mine, LOL! I go through a lot of conditioner quickly. Usually two or three bottles a month.

3. All the things related to moisturizing

Face cream (I’m currently loving Biossance Omega Repair), body lotion (Everyone Vanilla + Lavender is my jam), hand cream, lip balm… If and when the zombie apocalypse occurs, I will be hoarding moisturizer like nobody’s business.

4. Sunscreen

This has been a relatively recent uptick (like in the last year) as I’ve been trying to be diligent about daily sun protection. Body sunscreens and face sunscreens are a big chunk of my beauty budget.

5. Brown eyeliner

Anybody else blaze through these? I’m an avid tightliner, which is why brown liner never lasts long in my makeup bag.

How about you? What beauty products do you buy the most?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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