Wearing Sunscreen During the Winter Months: Your Thoughts?

Yay, sunscreen!

Do you usually wear sunscreen during the winter? I haven’t been super great about it for the past couple of years, but this winter I decided to commit because I’m tired of dealing with hyperpigmentation. I also started using a stronger retinol which has made me more sensitive to the sun, so I layer that stuff on, girl!

Lately, I’ve been loving Avene Solaire UV sunscreen. I’m actually on my fourth bottle! Yup, I love it that much (here’s hoping Avene never discontinues it).

I like mixing the tinted and non-tinted versions to create my own customized color. I apply the first layer, wait for it to dry, then I do a second layer. After that second layer sets, I apply makeup on top.

What are your thoughts on wearing sunscreen during the winter months? Are you good about wearing it, or do you skip it?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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