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Welcome to Tuesday Treasures! This weekly blog post, I share great vintage, antique, and seasonal treasures from around the internet. I love curating special little collections of home decor items to help you refresh that space or completely give it a make over! Whether you are just here to window shop or want to find the perfect antique to add to your collection, there is something for everyone, especially in this one! And if you are interested in exploring my past Tuesday Treasures antiques, click here [HERE].  

Small Bunny Statue (Link Here)

Close your eyes and image the perfect little spring french country setting… Okay Let’s find items to fill that space! If someone asked what season, or time of the year best represents me as a person, it would be this lovely spring/easter time of the year. Just like the elements I feel like I am being reborn into a new year, and to kick this little Tuesday Treasures Easter and Spring collection off, I have to showcase a rabbit of some kind!  


Bunny Art (Link Here)

Why stop with one bunny when you can have two. I think of the reasons I love little bunnies during this time of year is because it captures this innocent world of cute and sophisticated, while capturing those memories as a child. Classic little bunnies can have a place in a sophisticated office or a playful nursery. 



Antique Settee (Link Here)

Since we got the cute out of the way, let talk about a staple piece! This beautiful antique settee, perfect for small spaces like our little sunroom off our kitchen, or a transitional space that a larger sofa or multiple seats wouldn’t work!  

Floral Pillow Cover (Link Here)

An antique settee can be a little formal for some spaces. Another thing I love about Settee’s you can dress them appropriately for your space. Adding a little whimsical texture like this pillow help take to edge off the formalities.. 

Antique Style Gold Lamp (Link Here)

No space is complete without lighting. I am absolutely loving this light option for a Spring space and beyond. Floor Lamps are becoming one of my favorite go to lighting option for smaller spaces, because their mobility and lower light for a seated spaces. 

Antique Planter (Link here)

Is it a spring look without greenery? Don’t get me wrong I love the real things, the freshness they bring into the air and the (if you enjoy it like I do) special moments throughout your days and weeks to care for your plants is so relaxing. But, if real is not in your wheelhouse right now because of schedules or you just don’t like it, I am in awe with how good the faux plants that are coming out right now are! I mean they are good from leaf down to the roots! And if they look that good don’t discount a beautiful antique planter to really put the icing on the cake!

Set of White Books (Link Here)

If you have seen my social media lately you know how much I am loving little white book collections. They are such a fun element to a space from conversation starters, to bright textures.What do you think of this week’s Tuesday Treasures? Do you like to decorate for Easter or refresh your space with Spring? I would love to hear your preference on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!  




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