Is Purposefully Peelable Nail Polish the Next Big Beauty Trend?

As I live and breathe! There’s now nail polish designed purposefully to be peeled off in two-to-four days.

It’s by a brand called BBx Elsa. Their quick-dry Peelable Nail Polishes cater to those who prefer to switch up their color often.

The polish contains 60% water and is intentionally designed to be peeled off like a sticker. After you paint, you wait two-to-three minutes, then you’re done.

If you want, you can also layer on a top coat, and yes, the polish is supposed to still stay peelable, even with a clear coat on top. There are two sets to choose from with three shades in each set; you can buy them online for $42 each.

I like to paint my nails on the weekend and keeps the same color on for a week, so this concept absolutely blows my mind. I’m sooooo not the target market, LOL!

I do love the fact that the polish dries so quickly, but I can’t see myself reapplying a mani multiple times throughout the week, even if it takes less than five minutes total.

I guess this could be revolutionary, though, if you’re the type of person who gets antsy seeing the same shade on your nails! I have a friend who switches her nail polish often, and so I can see it appealing to those who aren’t keen on committing to the same shade.

What do you think about peelable nail polish? Do you think it’s something that might catch on? And does it hold any “ap-peel” (girl, you know I had to go there) for you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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