How to Create A Simple Valentine’s Date at Home

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away! Earlier this week I shared some cozy tips [HERE] to make your Valentine’s Day Flowers your own. With the loving holiday coming up I wanted to offer some at-home date ideas that are super easy for you and your partner to create for some quality time at home. Jose and I spent a quiet afternoon putting together this Valentine’s Day table in our kitchen with some new linens from Heather Taylor Home and just doing that was fun. However I wanted to offer some simple cozy tips for you to create a cozy space in your home this Valentine’s Day.

Simple and Cozy Space

This Valentine’s Day, opt for simple and cozy by creating a space in your home where you can enjoy some quiet time with your partner. Use linens or decor to create an inviting environment that allows you both to relax and take away from the stress of our day-to-day. I even like digging into our Christmas decor for red linens to reuse for Valentine’s Day. Creating a Simple Valentine’s Date environment without leaving the house can feel really special and cherished.

Simple and Sweet

Do something as cozy as spending some time making a Simple Valentine’s Date treat or meal together. Recently Jose has been cooking for us at home more. I can totally see us spending the night making a new recipe together. If you would rather not cook, ordering in your favorite meal is just as cozy…just don’t forget the desert.

Simple and Creative

Whether it’s your favorite meal, dessert, or even a home project, creating something together as a part of your Simple Valentine’s Date at home can be memorable and also time to spend away from our day-to-day activities. Jose and I like to spend this time dreaming up future plans and goal for our home at White Cottage Farm and our family. For us…spending time at home, putting our phones away, and really spending time together is when we really create lasting memories.


Pink and Blue Linens

Wicker Chairs

Bistro Table


Cake Stands

I hope that this blog post shows that you can create a simple Valentine’s Date at home while still making it special and memorable. What do you enjoy doing on Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie


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