5 Valentine’s Day Scroll Stoppers

With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to share some of the loving holidays on the blog today as a part of my 5 scroll stoppers. I’ll be honest…decorating for valentine’s day at White Cottage Farm has become very minimal in the past couple of years. I used to go all out for the holiday and even created some DIYs for you all on the blog. Today’s scroll stoppers are all Valentine’s day themed in the sense that they all of touches of blush, pinks, and reds. They are all a little more feminine than my typical style. I really enjoy exploring these types of images through scroll stoppers that may not be my typical style, but that I appreciate and am inspired by regardless. If this is your first time visiting a scroll stoppers blog post, you may be wondering what a scroll stopper is. Each week, I share a set of images that I have been inspired by and have stopped me mid-scroll in hopes that they also inspire you in some way. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers, click here [HERE].


I really love that the walls in this photo shared by @periodportraits give off the most subtle tint of blush. The wall color mixed with the beautiful period portraits displayed on the walls gives off such a cozy, feminine feeling without it being too much. Also, look that those beams!


What would a valentine’s day scroll stoppers blog post be without a floral photo? These gorgeous pink tulips shared by @lilleweiss are getting me in the mood for spring. However, what I’m really loving about this photo are the beautiful antique urns and mirror!


Another room with blush walls, this time shared by @louiseroehome. There are so many elements about this room that I am loving. First, that green chandelier is so unique and fits perfectly in this space. Second, I am loving the brass element that is around the door!


Everyone’s preference for how much they want to put into holiday decor like Valentine’s day is different. I think the way that @heathertaylorhome decorated this mantle in her home is how I prefer. I love the minimal approach to decorating by just creating small bouquets of flowers that you can place around your home is the perfect amount of color to add for the holiday.


I love the feminine touch of floral pink wallpaper in this room by @carolineturnerinteriors. Valentine’s day for me as of lately is more of a feeling, and the feeling that this space is giving me is so cozy and warm. I never thought about using pink wallpaper in a room before, however, I’m loving how this space looks!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you decorate with themed decor or do you tend to go the route of just adding florals? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day! 

xx Liz Marie

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