12 Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit Reviews in 2022

An oxy-acetylene torch is certainly a great addition to any workshop, especially if you work with metal joining processes. Instead of buying a separate welding, cutting and heating kit, you can simply buy an oxy acetylene torch kit and get all of the above-mentioned abilities within a single kit. Even though these kits aren’t exactly cheap, they offer multiple functionality, saving you a lot of expenses later on. As the name suggests, these kits are designed to work with oxy acetylene fuel which is pretty popular for professional applications. If you are also looking for one, make sure you consider the following properties before buying one.

  • Torch Handle: The torch handle provided with the oxy acetylene kit is as important as the kit itself. The main reason behind that is the ergonomics of the handle. You need to make sure that the torch kit you are buying has a handle which is comfortable to hold. This offers a better control over the process and allows you to get accurate and precise performance.
  • Gas Tanks: Gas tanks may or may not be included with an oxy acetylene kit. But, having one certainly increases the set’s overall value since you won’t have to buy a new gas tank right away. However, the gas tanks included with kits are usually very compact and you may need to refill the tank more frequently compared to standard options.
  • Size of Torch Kit: The size of the kit is yet another important factor since it deals with the portability factor. If the unit is portable, you can easily carry it outside and use it for outdoor jobs. But if you do not need one for such jobs, we will recommend you to get a heavy-duty option, especially if you deal with repetitive mass production jobs.

Knowing only the factors mentioned above certainly is not enough to pick up a decent oxy acetylene torch kit. And the number of options available in the market will certainly confuse you if you don’t have any prior experience with these kits. Therefore, we are bringing the best oxy acetylene kits right here. Stick until the end of this guide where we will discuss a number of great options for an oxy acetylene kit. We will also discuss some important properties of the oxy acetylene kits in our Buying Guide.

Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit 2022

Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit Reviews

1. ZenStyle Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch

As usual, we will start off our list with one of the most popular brand options present in the market right now. Out of which, ZenStyle happens to be the highly preferred option for a lot of professionals since they offer a wide range of professional grease kits.

In the 1st place we have the ZenStyle Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch kit. This is a welding and cutting kit combined into one for a versatile application. ZenStyle has designed this option with top quality materials and offered a heady duty constriction on the kit as well as the included attachments. With this kit, you will be able to cut up to 6 inches thick metal and weld ½ inches metal without any problem.

The torch itself features a 2 ½ inches diameter oxygen regulator so that you always get an optimal performance from your kit. And since this is a highly versatile unit, you will find it compatible with most American oxygen cylinders. The set also includes dual scale gauges that are 2 inches in size so that they can be easily read even from a safe distance. This kit features all necessary components that you will be needing at the time of welding.

Best features

  • Made by ZenStyle
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with – years of warranty
  • Cuts about 6 inches thick metals
  • Suitable for ½ inch metal welding


  • Readable 2 inch dual scale gauge set included
  • Set includes all necessary accessories
  • Top quality construction


  • Other options are a bit more reliable

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2. BLUEFIRE Oxypropane High Heat Welding Torch kit

BLUEFIRE Oxypropane

Bluefire is also a well-known brand in the community since it also offers many other products apart from oxy acetylene torch kits. You will also find a lot of compatible attachments made for this kit from the brand.

The Bluefire High Heat Welding Torch is yet another great option from our list. It has secured the 2nd position on our picks not only because of its features, but also because of its affordable price range. This welding kit operates at a temperature level of 5252°F which is highly suitable for a lot of professional applications. And since you are getting solid brass fittings and heavy-duty construction on all components, reliability of the product should not be an issue.

Unlike many other options present on our list, the Bluefire High Heat Welding Torch offers a highly compact design that can be easily transported to any outdoor location. It also offers a pin-pointer burner tip that produces a powerful flame, allowing faster results while you are working. The Bluefire High Heat Welding Torch features many free accessories with the kit that are suitable for welding, brazing and even soldering applications.

Best features

  • Made by Bluefire
  • High heat welding and cutting kit
  • Many free accessories included
  • Pin-point burner for a powerful flame
  • Suitable for welding, cutting, soldering and brazing


  • Torch operates at 5252°F temperature
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Compact and easy for transportation


  • Not as powerful as a few other options

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3. VictorESAB Victor 0384-2125 Performer

VictorESAB Victor

Victor is one of the premium brand options that we have selected for our picks. Since there is a variety of options available from Victor even for an oxy acetylene torch kit, we will include a few options on this list as well.

In the 3rd position, we have yet another great pick for professional applications. In fact, it is one of the most premium choices we can find for gas cutting and welding. This kit offers nearly 6 inches deep cuts in metal and ¼ inch welding capacity with proper accessories. The 5252°F also includes ESS32 Series regulators that maintain the safety of the user while offering an optimal performance level with the kit.

With the VictorESAB Victor 0384-2125 kit, you will also get the CA1350 which is highly preferred for metal cutting. As for the torch handle of the kit, you will be glad to know that this kit offers the WH100FC torch handle with a built-in flashback arrestor as well as check valves. There are many other accessories included with the kit such as safety goggles, pressure regulators, gauges and much more.

Best features

  • Made by Victor
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty
  • Cuts about 6 inches thick metals
  • Suitable for ¼ inch metal welding


  • Cutting capacity is pretty good
  • Comes with WH100FC torch handle
  • Built-in flashback and check valve on the handle


  • Very expensive option for the given features

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4. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit

Hobart 770502 Medium Duty

Hobart is also a premium brand option which can be a great choice for routine users. The following choice from Hobart is a medium-duty oxy acetylene kit which is simply perfect for a wide range of applications.

The Hobart 770502 is a medium-duty oxy acetylene kit from our picks which might just be what you’re looking for. This kit offers pretty good features for its price that assures its compatibility with a lot of applications. First of all, this is a plasma cutter that can be used for both welding as well as cutting. And since it is designed to work with acetylene fuel, you can also use your current acetylene tank with the kit with no issues.

Even though the Hobart 770502 is marketed as an oxy acetylene kit, you can use it with a propane tank by simply changing the tips to propane tips. This is quite an affordable option compared to other options available at this budget class. As for the accessories, you will find almost everything that you will need while performing a cutting or welding operation such as regulators, safety equipment, valves, gas hose, etc.

Best features

  • Made by Hobart
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Medium-duty torch kit
  • Versatile in terms of applications
  • Plasma type of cutter


  • It can be used with both Acetylene as well as Propane fuel
  • Perfect for both welding as well as cutting jobs
  • The kit includes a variety of accessories


  • Considerably expensive option for a medium-duty kit

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5. Victor Technologies 0384-2691 Medalist

Victor Technologies

Victor has managed to land yet another premium choice for the best oxy acetylene torch kit on our picks. Even though the following option is produced by ESAB, you will get the same reliability and performance as expected from Victor products.

The Victor Technologies 0384-2691 is the best option on our picks regarding professional mass production based application. In fact, it is the most premium choice you can find in the market right now as it offers many exciting features. The Victor Technologies 0384-2691 operates on Oxygen and Acetylene gas and comes with a G350-150-540 oxygen regulator set as well as a G350-15-300 acetylene gas regulator set.

As for the cutting tip, you will find the 1-1-101 tip included with this package which makes it much easier to cut through thick metal. With this tip, you can cut through 8 inches thick metal, making it a highly suitable option for special purpose applications as well. As for the torch itself, you will find a 2-UM-350 cutting nozzle that makes it possible to cut through such thick metals. Even for welding, the Victor Technologies 0384-2691 supports up to 3 inches thick maximum welding thickness which is more than triple of what other options may offer you.

Best features

  • Made by ESAB
  • Comes with a G350-150-540 Oxygen and G350-15-300 Acetylene regulator
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty
  • Maximum cutting thickness is 8 inches
  • Maximum welding thickness is 3 inches


  • Best option for special purpose applications
  • Offers best cutting and welding thickness support
  • Features a 2-UM-350 nozzle for a highly powerful flame


  • Not the best option for casual users and DIY projects

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6. YaeTek 12PCS Oxygen & Acetylene Torch

YaeTek 12PCS Oxygen Acetylene Torch

Now that you are familiar with the most premium option we have to offer you, let us talk about the cheapest option we could find for the best oxy acetylene torch kit. The following option from YaeTek certainly offers the best value with the given attachments and specifications.

Up next, we are featuring the most affordable option in the market for an oxy acetylene torch kit. The YaeTek Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit is designed to serve both welding and cutting applications along with support for heating for precise and efficient performance. For the construction, YaeTek has utilized heavy-duty material along with brass fittings so that there is no compromise in the build quality.

As there is no doubt in the strength and capacity of the kit, it can be used by both beginners as well as professional users alike. You will also get a divisional box with the kit that makes it much easier in terms of transportation. The pack includes a total of 12 accessories including 3 copper pines, welding pipe, connector, cutting attachment, aluminum pin, iron-chrome igniter, 2 copper joints, wrench, storage box and welding goggles.

Best features

  • Made by YaeTek
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Cheapest option for a gas welding and cutting kit
  • Includes a lot of accessories
  • Heavy-duty construction with brass fittings


  • Suitable for both novice and experienced workers
  • Many accessories are provided for the cost
  • Convenient for outdoor usage


  • Some important accessories are missing from the kit

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7. Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit

Stark Gas Welding

Coming back to budget friendly heavy-duty options, we have the following torch kit from Stark. You might be familiar with the brand since it is quite a popular name in the country and first choice for many professionals.

The Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit is a precision oxy acetylene torch kit that can be used for many applications like brazing, soldering, hand facing and much more. With the Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit, you will be able to cut about 6 inches thick metal and weld ½ inches thick metal. These ratings should cover almost all standard welding and cutting applications that you may come across on a daily basis.

The Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit also features single-stage regulators with reverse flow check valves to make sure there is no reverse flow of the gas caused by pressure difference. On the tool itself, you will notice brass construction which grants it high strength and durability. The set includes a torch handle, oxygen regulator, acetylene regulator and many small accessories needed for welding as well as cutting jobs such as nozzles, hoses, and fittings.

Best features

  • Made by Stark
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with 6 months of warranty
  • Cuts about 6 inches thick metals
  • Suitable for ½ inch metal welding


  • Precision welding and cutting torch kit
  • All necessary attachments are included
  • Suitable for welding, cutting, brazing, soldering and hand facing


  • The warranty period is too short for the price range

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8. Miller Electric Torch – Oxy-Acetylene Tough Cut Outfit

Miller Electric Torch

If you have any prior experience with professional metal joining or cutting prices, you must have come across one or two products made by Miller Electric. This brand also offers highly premium options similar to the oxy acetylene torch we have included here.

Our next choice for the best oxy-acetylene torch kit is the Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Tough Cut Outfit. This is also a highly premium option which is best suited for a variety of high-end applications. It operates on Acetylene fuel and features all necessary components that are essential for the metal welding and cutting process. The kit also includes a CC509P cutting attachment allowing you to get precise metal cuts in every session.

The Miller Electric Oxy-Acetylene Tough Cut Outfit also features a standard CW5A torch handle that is highly ergonomic and designed to offer you great levels of comfort while you are using the torch. To further ensure its applicability, Miller Electric has tested and verified the kit from both ETL and UL user standards. And since it is a premium choice, you will get almost all necessary attachments and peripherals with the pack, making it capable of operation right after unboxing.

Best features

  • Made by Miller Electric
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Features a CC509P cutting attachment
  • Features the standard CW5A torch handle


  • Tested and verified for both ETL and UL standards
  • Comes with a highly ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a long warranty period


  • Very premium option coated to other options available in the market

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9. COLIBROX Professional Portable Oxygen Acetylene


Since we are discussing premium options, we have another similar choice coming from Colibrox. This is also an all-inclusive oxy acetylene torch kit which makes it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The Colibrox Oxy Weld Torch Tank Kit is also a highly portable option that you will find on our list today. This option comes with a portable carrying kit that is capable of carrying both oxygen as well as acetylene cylinders at once. Even after that, you will have some additional space for securely placing the torch handle for even better portability. Since it is such a portable device, it is a famous choice for general maintenance work.

The Colibrox Oxy Weld Torch Tank Kit is ideal for iron as well as steel metal blocks for operations like welding, brazing, cutting and even bending. The included storage compartment of this kit is completely waterproof which ensures the safety of your torch kit. The Colibrox Oxy Weld Torch Tank Kit includes CGA540 Oxygen and CGA200 Acetylene regulators.

Best features

  • Made by Colibrox
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Kit includes a handy and portable storage kit
  • The storage kit is completely waterproof
  • Kit includes a 20 cubic feet Oxygen and 10 cubic feet Acetylene kit


  • Best option for general maintenance applications
  • Easy to carry for outdoor jobs
  • Included storage kit is completely waterproof


  • Tank capacity is very low

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10. Biltek Victor-Style Oxygen Acetylene

Biltek Victor-Style Oxygen Acetylene

The next option on our list is coming from Biltek which is also a well-known brand for budget-friendly products. You will also find a variety of options made by Biltek that might be compatible with your job.

Up next, we have yet another complete welding and cutting kit from Biltek. The Biltek Victor-Style Oxygen Acetylene Kit can be used for many other types of applications apart from welding and cutting such as soldering, cutting, gauging, etc. This torch kit is capable of cutting up to 6 inches thick metal without any problem thanks to the included attachments. And as for welding, you will have the standard ½ inch thickness support which is good enough for basic welds.

As this is also a precision torch kit, it allows many special applications like precision welding, hand facing and soldering. Even with all these features, the overall size of the torch kit is still very compact. From outside, the included carrying case of the Biltek Victor-Style Oxygen Acetylene Kit measures about 18¾ x 4½ x 13¾ inches, making it an ideal option for portable applications.

Best features

  • Made by Biltek
  • Suitable for precise jobs
  • Suports 6 inches cutting thickness
  • ½ inches welding thickness support with appropriate attachments
  • Measures about 8¾ x 4½ x 13¾ inches from outside


  • The kit comes with a handy carrying case
  • Offers standard cutting and welding support
  • Suitable for outdoor users


  • Pretty expensive option for a portable oxy acetylene torch

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11. Harris Ironworker DLX Oxygen Acetylene Torch

Harris Ironworker DLX Oxygen

Now that you are familiar with the popular and well-known options in the market, let us look at some lesser-known brands that are offering great alternatives for an oxy acetylene torch kit.

The next option on our list of the best oxy-acetylene torch kits is the Harris Ironworker 510. Even though this is not as popular an option as many other picks from various brands, this kit includes all of the attachments that you will need for welding and cutting. And, the Harris Ironworker 510 does not come with any compromises in terms of build quality as well. It has cutting attachments that have solid forged heads which can resist damage for a very long time.

Even on the handle, you will find silver-brazed tube construction for safety of the user and extensive durability. The Harris Ironworker 510 features model 85 torch handles that are known to be ergonomic and user-friendly. Even though it is a budget-focused option, you will be getting a 7-year long warranty period on the torch kit, making it absolutely worth its price range.

Best features

  • Made by Harris
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with 7 years of warranty
  • Features a 2-piece cutting tip
  • Offers a model 85 torch handle


  • 2-piece cutting tip is easier for cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes with a long warranty period
  • Solid forged cutting heads for damage resistance


  • More accessories should have been provided

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12. Forney 1707 Torch Kit

Forney 1707 Torch Kit

Coming to the last option on our picks, we have the following torch kit from Forney. This is also a premium option from our picks which you might find compatible as per your requirements.

The Forney 1707 Torch Kit is also a medium-duty torch kit available on our list of the best oxy-acetylene torch kits. This option includes a high quality 87090 Oxygen regulator and 87091 Acetylene regulator, both belonging to the 250 series. Even the torch handle and cutting attachment for the Forney 1707 Torch Kit is a 100 series 87093 and 1350 series 87092 respectively.

If you have any prior experience with metal joining processes, you must have noticed that these are some of the first options you can find included an oxy-acetylene torch kit. Furthermore, you will find the 6-MFA-1 heating nozzle with the Forney 1707 Torch Kit coupled with a ¼ inch diameter hose. The hose is 15 feet long so working with the kit should not be a problem, even if you are working on a large project. Forney is also offering a 90-day warranty on the product that covers any manufacturing defect or problem with the kit that you may find under the warranty period.

Best features

  • Made by Forney
  • Complete welding and cutting kit
  • Comes with 90 days of warranty
  • Features an 87090 Oxygen regulator and 87091 Acetylene regulator
  • Comes with a 15 feet long gas hose having ¼ inch diameter


  • High-quality attachments are included
  • Performance is very good for the price
  • Multiple welding tips are included


  • Very short warranty period considering the price range

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Buying Guide For The Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit

An oxy acetylene torch has a lot of features and specifications which you should thoroughly check before you buy a new one. If you have not used a torch kit before, this might be the best time to get a decent set added in your garage or workshop since these kits offer a lot of functionality.

First of all, these units are designed to serve multiple functions such as heating, cutting, welding, and much more. Also, these units are quite expensive and you have to carefully make your choice to get the best value out of your investment. In today’s list, we have arranged the best oxy acetylene torch kits which you can find up there. If you are not sure which option suits your usage the best, consider going through our buying guide at least once where we will discuss some major properties of these kits and how it can affect the application.


Durable equipment is nothing short of a necessity for every workshop. If you are spending quite a sum on your power tools and accessories, you will certainly want them to last a very long time. In case of an oxy acetylene torch kit, you will have to verify the durability of not only the torch and cutters, but also all other included content such as cutting attachments, regulators and even the safety peripherals.

Generally, the build quality of the kit is directly based upon its price range and premium options are usually more reliable. But, if you are getting a long warranty period from the brand, it is also a sign of durable build quality and longevity of the product.


Ergonomics of the welding torch is also a crucial feature since it is a handheld device and you will be using it for multiple hours every day if you work in a professional workshop. Therefore, if the ergonomics of the torch kit is not suitable for you, you will notice problems like hand fatigue, pains and aches. On top of that, such options will also result in improper results from your end, making them a bad choice in general.

Therefore, we will strongly recommend you check the design of the handle, attachments and even the safety equipment and make sure that they are perfect for your use. One of the major parts, in this case, is the handle since it should have a non-slippery grip with controlled weight distribution to deliver a precise performance.

Welding and Cutting Capacity

If you are buying an oxy-acetylene torch kit for welding or cutting, you will obviously need to check the cutting or welding capacity of the unit before you make your purchase. If the kit you are buying is not compatible with your routine application, you will face a lot of problems while using it, considering you can use it in the first place.

There are a few things that you should check such as the cutting depth as well as supported material thickness for welding. Considering general standards, you should have at least ½ inch thickness support for welding and a cutting capacity enough to cut through 4 inches thick material. Since a lot of applications are below this margin, a machine that supports this can be suitable for you.

However, if you work with a special type of application where more powerful output is necessary, you need to check the cutting and welding capacity accordingly.

Included Accessories

As you may have seen on our list, an oxy acetylene torch kit is not simply a welding torch that you pair with the welding gas. Instead, there are many other attachments and peripherals that are included with the kit. You should take a look at what the brand is offering to understand whether you are paying the right price for the kit or not.

It also tells you whether you can use the kit right after unboxing, or will you be needing some other attachments regarding your application. Apart from welding accessories, you should consider getting a kit that offers heavy-duty safety equipment since safety should be your first priority for such jobs. Even if you already have safety equipment like gloves and goggles, you can keep the new set as a spare option and use them when necessary.


Q. How does oxy acetylene welding work?

Oxy-acetylene welding utilizes high heat generated from burning the fuel from a gas tank to melt the heat of the metal part. In the gas tank, there is a mixture of acetylene mixed with pure oxygen to a high-temperature flame. This type of welding method also uses a fuller rod if you are using the kit for the joining process. And since the gas is already pressurized in the tank, it exhausts at a high pressure, offering a powerful output.

Q. How does oxy acetylene welding differ from other welding methods?

One of the major differences between oxy acetylene welding and other standard welding types such as arc welding is the heat source or fuel. Oxy acetylene kit uses the generated flame as the heat source whereas other options use electric current as the source of heat. In oxy-acetylene welding, you will find flame temperature varying up to 6,000°F, making it suitable for a lot of applications.

Q. Is Acetylene dangerous?

Acetylene is quite an unstable element and it can turn out to be very hazardous for the worker. Given the instability of the fuel, pressurized storage and low burning point, Acetylene can cause serious trouble if it is not used with caution. Even if you are not actively using the torch, the fuel in the tank can slowly decompose which can also result in fatal accidents. With that being said, oxy acetylene torches are still in demand as they offer a high temperature level which is necessary for a lot of materials. Therefore, you must practise the oxyacetylene torches with utmost caution.


We hope that you have found the best oxy acetylene kit from our list today. While you were browsing our picks for the best oxy acetylene torch, you must have noticed some great features as well as advantages mentioned with each of our choices.

We have also mentioned a handful of limitations for each of our picks so that you will know which option you have to avoid based on your requirements. You can also refer to our buying guide for the best oxy acetylene torch kit in case you havent found out the best option for your needs. We also have some recommendations lined up for you if you want a quicker approach.

Since oxy acetylene torch kits are quite expensive, you might be looking for an affordable option in the masses. If yes, then we will suggest the YaeTek 12PCS Oxygen & Acetylene Torch Kit. This is the cheapest option available on our picks and costs nearly 3 times less compared to some premium options. The kit includes welding as well as cutting gas welder tool set and welding goggles for user’s safety. As this is rather a cheaper option, you can only use it for either cutting or welding, which may be pretty much all you need if you have a small workshop.

But, if you are looking for an oxy acetylene torch for mass production application, we suggest going with the Victor Technologies 0384-2691 as it is the best-suited option for professional applications. Apart from being the most premium option on our list, the Victor Technologies 0384-2691 offer many great benefits such as high-quality construction and cutting attachments. This kit can penetrate up to 6 inches and weld nearly ¼ inches with the right accessories.

Cheaper alternatives for power tools are generally not as reliable as premium options. But, the Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit is certainly an expectation for that as this budget focused option comes with a 7 year long warranty period. There are cutting attachments included with the pack that feature solid forged heads which offer great resistance against external damage. The Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit also has a 2-piece cutting tip which is very easy to clean and maintain.

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