White & Faded at The Found Cottage: Our Launch Recap

Key the exhale! The White & Faded Launch at The Found Cottage went off with a massive bang! If you don’t know what I am talking about, I was so honored to collaborated with a hand selected collection from White & Faded to be sold first locally at The Found Cottage and then online starting this week! You can read more about the White & Faded Collab [HERE]. We pulled the entire Found Cottage team together to curate some spaces to help display these beautiful one of a kind European treasures, some dating back to the 1600’s. Let’s take a look at how everything came together.


So after many long hours put in at the store to put together some beautiful vignettes to display these pieces, we were so happy to see all of the excitement and joy from our frequent local supporters of The Found Cottage. One of the frequent questions we were getting was why only did we launch our collaboration to our local shoppers, so let’s chat about that for a second.

The first reason was customer experience motivated. This collaboration was in conjunction with our 6th year store birthday, and we all were anticipating a larger the normal crowd at the shop. I was seriously worried that someone was going to attempt to purchase online, at the same time a local shopper, physically in the store, pulls the tag to purchase (in store). As a store owner, primarily responsible for the style and design of the space, it is my mission to try to provide the same shopping experience to the person that is present at opening all the way to closing, each day of the week. Having to reach out and tell someone that already purchased online we will be returning their money because the clock sold, completely terrified me.

The second reason was as a thank you to the day in and day out frequent supporters of The Found Cottage. It isn’t easy running a brick and mortar retail store, especially after 2020, after six years we cannot say thank you enough to our frequent local shoppers that really help keep our lights on. Making a super special one of a kind collection to those that walk through the door, was something I was very happy to do for our store and community!

For all of those that could not make our collaboration/birthday launch you too can exhale, we will be launching our collaborative collection with White & Faded online at The Found Cottage, throughout Monday and into the week as we inventory the items we have left and add them so keep checking the website & we will be announcing as well. We are working as quickly as we can to get those items up and we will keep you posted on all our social channels as best we can! The best way to keep up with our online launch is to ensure you follow @thefoundcottage on instagram and on facebook!

We are looking forward to getting those amazing one of a kind European treasures be shipped out this week to beautify every cozy corner all around the U.S. We are going to be posting more information over at The Found Cottage regarding the logistics of shipping, we are going to utilize Pak Mail and UShip, and allow for the buyer to work directly with the shipper to find out what works best for their needs.

Thank you again for the support for these beautiful treasure and for supporting me on those little ventures I share with the world. I was so honored to partner with White & Faded & I am so thankful for the love & support you have shown to them through this whole collaboration as well. We hope to keep carrying White & Faded pieces at The Found Cottage & learned a lot from this launch so thank you for rolling with it as we navigate small business in this crazy time. I was truly amazed by the love and support both locally but from this wonderful online community, so you can only image how excited I am to share those pieces with you. So many thanks you to send out, thank you for the support both digitally and locally, thank you for making this collaboration with White and Faded happen. I am beyond thankful to everyone! Lastly, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, means the world to us here on the farm.

xxLiz Marie



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