Introducing a Collaboration with White & Faded

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you about this amazing collaboration that has been in the works for the last 9 months. I, along with White & Faded have collaborated to gather exquisite European Antique Treasures offered exclusively at my store, The Found Cottage. This week as we prepare for the launch happening this Friday, February 4th, I wanted to share more about the collaboration and questions that we have received about it! 

What is White & Faded?

White & Faded is a brand with a focus on the restoration of homes and hearts with designer-quality yet affordable products, services, and hospitality. By White & Faded is the hub of stylish, yet sustainable living. Finding ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products is high on our priority, as well as providing you with the quality you deserve and everyone deserves 120%! That’s why we only sell products we feel you will absolutely love, with a designer-like quality.

I have been utilizing White & Faded for antiques for quite some time now and when they came to me almost 9 months ago and asked if I wanted to partner with them to bring some European finds to our shop, The Found Cottage, I couldn’t say no! I was first, so honored that they would even think of me to work with, but then I was also so excited for our shop and the customers that get to see these amazing antique finds in person. It’s truly a dream come true.

What Types of Items Will be Available?

There are so many European treasures available to purchase. From soaps, candles, and tea towels, to desks, cabinets, chandeliers, and of course…MORA CLOCKS! There is truly something for everyone. There are handmade items like linen pillows & more & of course one of a kind treasures like furniture pieces, clocks, dishes, artwork, & more. 

Is this collaboration just a one time deal & why are you launching this weekend?

We are hoping this is the launch to a really fun way to get some very cool and very old European Antique Treasures here in America. The process to hand select and ship does take time, but we are diligently working to keep this collaboration frequent and exciting well into the future! 

How Much Does Everything Cost?

Because these are antique and vintage European Pieces, prices are going to reflect that. Therefore we have items ranging anywhere from $7 up to $6,000USD. Many of these pieces are from the 1700’s & up that are one of a kind & in amazing condition. 

Will Shipping Be Available?

The quick answer is yes everything will be available to ship. As a huge thank you to our frequent and local customers here in West Michigan, we are going to showcase and launch everything at the store first, with shipping available in the next few weeks on everything we have in stock! I think this going to be a huge saver for those lovers of the collection nationwide, saving you all the money and headache of trying to get things shipped from overseas (especially today). The items will be listed on TheFoundCottage.Com & LizMarieBlog.Com & we will announce everywhere when they are live to ship. In the listings we will let you know how shipping will work for the pieces & how we know it will be best for you to receive your pieces with the best care. 

Do the Mora Clocks Work?

These beauties are a beautiful statement in every space and a guaranteed conversation starter. They are intended to be decorative, however Jose did get one to work for a little while, so some of them do have the antique functioning hardware behind the clock face. So if you are handy and understand pendulum clocks, these may be able to come back to live, but we are selling them solely as decorative beautiful ladies, I have a few White & Faded Mora clocks of my own collection at the farm and can tell you whole heartedly that I love them and I am completely happy with each of them. Each clock is unique and comes with different parts. Another option is you can make the clock battery powered with a kit & it will keep time for you and also chime for you too! If you would like to read about my personal collection of mora clocks, click here [HERE] and here [HERE].

Where will their stuff be located in the Found Cottage?

We are going to showcase a lot of the pieces together in a collection vignette, however in true Found Cottage fashion we are going to intermix a few items around the store! You will be able to tell that it is a white and faded piece by it’s large white tag with both the Liz Marie and White & Faded logo largely printed, and nearly everything White and Faded has their metal emblem tagged somewhere on the pieces. We will be giving you a full tour of the pieces & be showcasing them in stories and in photos so you can see more & tour the shop with us. 

Will you continue to get more items from them?

This is the goal! As these are shipped directly from the UK, it is a timely process. However, now that we have experienced getting items sent over from the UK, we feel like we have a better idea of how long the process actually takes. We are all learning as we go! 

How can we purchase items from the collection?

After this launch weekend, collection items will be available to purchase online at The Found Cottage.  If you are local and are unable to make it to this weekend’s launch, feel free to call Found Cottage at 1(616)662-0505 to hold an item.  Any questions on items, pricing, dimensions, etc. can be answered by emailing [email protected]

Are you excited about this collaboration like we are? I am so excited to share more items from the collection throughout this week and beyond! Don’t forget to keep a lookout of both my Instagram and The Found Cottage’s Instagram for more images and updates in real time! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day! 

xx Liz Marie

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