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Whether you are repairing your 4×4 SUV or simply getting it serviced to keep it functional, making sure that all its parts are working and functional is highly important. This includes both major components like tyres, axles, suspensions, and smaller ones as well. Hence, some of the best locking hubs have been stated down:

  • Compatibility: Before buying any locking hub for your car, it is essential to ensure that they are fully compatible. One way to ensure this is to simply check their spline axle compatibility. This includes 27 spline axle and 30 spline axle compatibility depending on the locking hubs you are getting.
  • Axle Type: Apart from the spline rating, you can also find the OEM axle type rating given with a lot of locking hubs. It includes axle type or OEM models like Dana 60, Dana 44, Dana 30, and others. You can simply get the locking hubs that are compatible with the Dana axle type used in your car.
  • Supported Car Manufacturers: A lot of locking hubs mention the list of supported car manufacturers as a given manufacturer will most likely offer the same locking hub compatibility among its various models. Some of the common car manufacturers for which you can buy locking hubs include Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and others.

Even though such factors can be pretty handy when it comes to picking up locking hubs, there is still more that you need to check. Therefore, the various locking hubs present here also have their important details and features explained alongside a complete “Buying Guide” so that you can easily buy the best locking hubs for your 4×4 car.

5 Best Locking Hubs in 2022

Best Locking Hubs in 2022: Reviews

1. Mile Marker 449SS Locking Hubs 

Mile Marker is one of the most popular brands out there when you are talking about locking hubs and other car parts and accessories since it primarily offers high-performance parts.

The Mile Marker 449SS locking hub comes at the 1st position of this list since it is one of the best high-performance options. This locking hub is made for 30 spline axles which is one of the larger sizes out there. They are also compatible with Dana 60 axle types which are only found in a few limited options.

If you wish to know the supported car manufacturers of this locking hub, you will be glad to find it works with Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Lincoln, and various others. Thanks to its excellent stainless steel construction and lifetime warranty, you can expect this locking hub to stay functional for quite long.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with 30 spline axles
  • Dana 60 type locking hubs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty period


  • Heavy-duty locking hubs
  • Superb build quality and warranty
  • Compatible with a wide range of cars


  • Additional nut kit needed for automatic hubs conversion

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2. WARN 38826 Locking Hubs

WARN 38826 Locking Hubs

Those who do not have any budget restriction can consider going with Warn and its locking hubs since these high-end locking hubs are certainly a great heavy-duty pick.

Warn’s 38826 locking hub comes at the 2nd position of this listicle as you get superb compatibility as well as build quality with these high-end locking hubs. Starting with their compatibility, these Warn locking hubs are also made for 30 spline axles. You also get the support for Dana 60 type axles that a lot of users might prefer.

A unique thing about these locking hubs is that they have a 9/10 turn dial for proper engagement and disengagement. While it is not made out of steel, its ZA alloy and metal construction is still more than enough, especially when you consider its lifetime warranty.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with 30 spline axles
  • Dana 60 type locking hubs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty period


  • High quality and premium ZA alloy construction
  • It offers a 9/10 turn dial
  • Excellent for long term usage with a long warranty


  • Quite an expensive locking hub

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3. Rugged Ridge Locking Hubs

Rugged Ridge Locking Hubs

Rugged Ridge can be another viable option to keep in mind if you wish to get something that offers a great build quality and decent compatibility at the same time.

This Rugged Ridge 15001.70 locking hub comes at the 3rd position of this article because it can be a viable option if you have slightly smaller axles but still want a high-quality option. Talking about its compatibility, it is made for 27 spline axles making it fairly versatile. Unfortunately, you do not get any Dana axle-type rating with these locking hubs.

A great thing about this locking hub is that it uses nodular iron, which is treated for both anti-corrosion as well as drop protection. Besides making your car better for offroading, these locking hubs can also improve your fuel economy a bit. While you do not get a lifetime warranty with it, the included 3-year long warranty should still be decent for most.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with 27 spline axles
  • Ideal for Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty period


  • Great for small sized axles
  • Made out of high-quality iron
  • Standard spline rating for compatibility


  • Does not mention any dana rating

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4. Orion Motor 600-203 Locking Hubs

Orion Motor 600-203 Locking Hubs

Orion Motor is one of the smaller and budget-friendly options out there when you are talking about car parts like locking hubs that might be installed in your 4×4 vehicle.

The Orion Motor 600-203 1C3Z3B396CB locking hub is one of the only few options out there, which comes as a single locking hub instead of a pair. Not only does this result in a pretty low price tag, but it also makes for a better option when you are talking about repairs. Unfortunately, this locking hub does not have any spline or dana rating in terms of its compatibility.

Instead, it mentions car manufacturers and models which are to be compatible with it. This includes Ford F250, F350, F450, F550, Navigator, Expedition, and others. Despite being such a small brand, you get great OEM fit and finish with this locking hub, paired along with a 2-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Single locking hub in the box
  • Made for Ford F series, Navigator, Expedition
  • Comes with a 2 year long warranty period


  • Budget-friendly locking hub
  • OEM fit and finish
  • Compatible with wide range of Ford models


  • Does not state any spline or dana rating

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5. Benefast’s PCS 4WD Locking Hubs

Coming to the final locking hub option stated here in this listicle, Benefast, and its offerings can be another viable option for those who do not want to spend a lot on locking hubs.

Benefast’s 1C3Z3B396CB 600-203 locking hub is the cheapest option stated here if you want to get it as a pair. Being a pair, you can easily upgrade your 4×4 vehicle for better offroad performance. As for its compatible cars, you can use it with Ford F250, F350, F450, F550, Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and a few others.

Although, this pair of locking hubs is only made for car models with auto-locking hubs, which some users might not prefer. Just like most other locking hubs, you get a great metal construction with this Benefast’s pair, which is complemented with its 2-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Pair of locking hubs in the box
  • Made for F series, Navigator, Expedition
  • Comes with a 2 year long warranty period


  • Highly affordable pair of locking hubs
  • Decent build quality and warranty period
  • Works on either side of the front axle


  • Only made for cars with auto-locking hubs

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Buying Guide for Best Locking Hubs

Those of you who are not familiar with locking hubs should check them out if you are interested in offroading. With locking hubs installed, your car’s front wheels can freely rotate even if the axle is locked.

Thus, some of the best locking hubs have already been discussed up above. While we have also mentioned their important details and specifications, some of you might be interested in knowing more. In that case, consider checking out the following extensive buying guide for the best locking hubs:

1. Compatibility

Before you go ahead and install locking hubs in your 4×4 vehicle, it is quite important to check if they are compatible with your car’s axles or not. One way to assure this is to check the axle spline rating and match it with your locking hubs. While buying locking hubs, you will primarily find 27 spline axle and 30 spline axle locking hubs, out of which you can get the ones that are compatible with your SUV’s axles.

2. Axle Type

If you look at the axle types used in different cars, you will come across Dana OEM axle type. This includes options like Dana 60, Dana 44, Dana 30, and other types of axles. Due to this, many locking hubs may also mention their supported axle type as Dana 60 or some other, which you have to simply match with the axle used in your car.

3. Supported Car Manufacturers

In case that you are not able to check the compatibility of your locking hubs even after checking the spline rating and the axle type, then you should check its list for supported car manufacturers. This is due to the reason that most car manufacturers use similar axles in different car models. And if your locking hub is compatible with your car’s manufacturer, then you should not have any issues while installing it. You can find car manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, Jeep, Chrysler, Lincoln, Dodge, and others while buying locking hubs.

4. Number of Hubs

When you are installing locking hubs in your 4×4 car or SUV, you will need to install them in both the front wheels. Although, not every locking hub model out there might come as a pair. This is due to the reason that a few locking hubs might offer only a single locking hub in the box, which are more ideal for repair uses. However, if you are installing locking hubs for the first time, then getting a pair is obviously recommended.

5. Constructed and Reliability

Just like any other car parts or accessories that you get for your vehicle, you would also want your locking hubs to stay properly functional even after a couple of years of installation. Thus, it is always a great idea to check the construction of your locking hubs.

Fortunately, all locking hubs are made out of high-quality steel or metal alloys that offer excellent strength and reliability. In case if you also want to check the warranty included with a given locking hub, you may find a lifetime warranty with some locking hubs. As for others, most locking hubs come with either a 2 year long or a 3-year long warranty for your peace of mind.


If you are going to use your 4×4 car or SUV for offroading quite often, then it is highly important to ensure that it is properly equipped for the same. One small but highly accessory or part that you can install in your 4×4 vehicle for offroading can be one of the best locking hubs present above.

With their features and specifications talked about earlier, they allow your car’s wheels to rotate freely even if the axle is locked. To help you pick the right locking hubs, we have also discussed a detailed buying guide up above. However, if you are still confused, consider going through the following recommendations for the best locking hubs:

  • The Mile Marker 449SS locking hubs are most likely going to be the most versatile and heavy-duty option for most buyers. With their stainless construction and lifetime warranty, you can expect them to be highly reliable and perfect for long-term usage. As for their compatibility, these locking hubs are made for 30 spline axles and dana 60 axle types.
  • Those of you on a tight budget can go with the Benefast locking hubs since they are the cheapest pair available out there. This pair of locking hubs is ideal for a wide range of Ford and Lincoln 4×4 cars that you may want to take for offroading. Even at a low price tag, you still get a 2-year long warranty included with them.
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