Library Room Inspired Splurge or Save Finds

Back for another Splurge or Save blog post to help find the best pricing on cozy decor! This week’s theme is based on our Library Room. I love how cozy our library room currently is and I think these items go perfectly with the cozy neutral decor that I have styled in it. If you would like to check out past week’s splurge or save blog posts, click here [HERE]. Check out all of my library room-inspired splurge or save finds below!


Twisted Candlesticks are more of a modern take on the tried and true straight, tapered candle. While I still love and styled our home the traditional route, I love adding items like this in, especially if they are affordable.

Shop both splurge or save candlestick options by clicking the images below:


These decorative rattan boxes are both super cozy and functional. I love using these types of boxes for fabric swatches, photos, office supplies, candles, and more! The rattan material gives it such a textural antique look.

Shop both rattan boxes by clicking the images below:


I love the idea of adding shaded sconces like these to our library room. The space that they take up in minimal but the light that illuminates from them makes a room so cozy!

Shop both shaded sconces by clicking the images below:


These tables are so similar and I love the large spindle legs that give off such a unique feel.

Shop both splurge or save tables by clicking the images below:

My goal with these blog posts is to help find cozy home decor items at every price point to better serve you. What do you think of these library room-inspired splurge or save finds? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram.

xx Liz Marie

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