5 Dried Floral Scroll Stoppers

January in Michigan can often be a really cold and dark time. Everything is super dry and we are constantly craving warmer weather. Today for my weekly scroll stoppers blog series, I am sharing 5 dried floral images. While dried florals can be used and enjoyed in each season, I feel like they are most like the winter months. I enjoy sharing this weekly blog series that I call my 5 scroll stoppers because I come across so many inspiring photos each week. Some of them even stop me mid-scroll, which was the inspiration for the title of this series. If you would like to see past week’s scroll stoppers blog posts, click here [HERE].


I love this cozy corner by @whatdecoratesmyday. There are a lot of colors, patterns, and textures happening but they all play off of each other cohesively. While the entire account that Emma has holds such beauty, it’s this large bouquet of both fresh and dried florals that caught my eye.


I love the scene that @marie.enes creates in this photo. The bright natural light that blasts in through this darling shop makes me wish I could stop in and immerse myself in these beautiful dried floral surroundings.


It’s almost like I can feel exactly what this frosted, crisp countryside scene shared by @slow_roads and @yomargey feels like. All the greenery and dried florals have a think layer of frost covering them and I love how everything looks against the beautiful greenhouse.


Doesn’t this cozy nook look like such a great place to cozy up with a cup of coffee? I’m loving nautical this space feels while also feeling secluded. The dried florals that @caseeyjay placed on the table is the perfect finishing touch.


I am really loving the tones of this dark and moody room shared by @leydi_milagros_. I love the matching toned books displayed on the bookshelf and look at the beautiful bouquet of dried roses. While a paint color in this dark tone may not be in my future, I still really appreciate how winter-like it feels.

While I enjoy dried florals, I’m really looking forward to fresh blooms and new garden life all around the farm. Do you like decorating with dried floral in your home, or do you prefer fresh florals? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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