Splurge or Save Trending Home Decor Finds

It’s hard to want to invest in home decor when it seems to only be a trending item. But finding affordable and trending home decor makes it a little easier when purchasing. That’s why today I am sharing some splurge or save trending home decor finds! I love finding dupes for home decor items because I realize that everyone’s budget is different when it comes to our homes. If you would like to see past splurge or save blog posts, click here [HERE].


I first saw this brass side table in the Studio McGee collection and thought “Oh I’ve definitely seen brass tables being offered for more than that.” Brass finishings are such a great way to make a space feel elegant and stylish, and finding brass, especially in table form, is hard to come by if you are not wanting to break the bank. Is brass a trending home decor item? It’s definitely having a moment. But I also think it’s one of those pieces that has more longevity than others and investing in good brass pieces for your home can last for years to come.

Shop both brass accent tables by clicking the images below:


This is another one of those items where I am 99.9% certain that these are the same exact item with two very different price tags. In my opinion white marble is a trending home decor that can be considered timeless. However, colored marble like this deep green is a trending home decor piece that may be having a moment right now that won’t last. That’s why I like bringing in super affordable trending items and mixing them with timeless pieces.

Shop both taper candle holders by clicking the images below:


I have been on a rug kick lately and I’m loving searching for rugs to fit into your home. About a month ago I ordered a Ruggable rug (full review here [HERE]) and I noticed some similar designs popping up to one of their popular options. I enjoy the design of both of these rugs but they are two very different prices. One is washable and one is not. Do you think the price difference is worth it?

Shop both rugs by clicking the images below:


I am loving this style of lampshade that I am seeing popping up more. While pleated lampshades are starting to pop up more in home decor, this tulip-like shape is a more elegant take that I think would look great in any home space.

Shop both pendant lights by clicking the images below:

What is a trending home decor item that you are really loving right now? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. I hope this splurge or save blog post helped on your shopping journey! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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