Best Horizontal PC Case Reviews in 2022

If you are building a custom PC, you have the freedom of choosing the case that you want and then you can select the parts compatible with it. Thus, there is a lot of variety when it comes to PC cases. You will find PC cases in different form factors and designs. But in a lot of cases, users prefer getting a smaller case due to installation issues and space restrictions.

For those, a horizontal PC case might be a decent option. While these cases have a larger footprint, their height lies within 10 inches, making them viable for high-capacity PC components within a compact form factor. Here are some essential features of a horizontal PC case which you should definitely keep in mind before you buy one.

  • Motherboard Compatibility: A PC case is only suitable for your build if it is compatible with the motherboard of your choice. There is a lot of variety even in motherboard form factors such as ITX, ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX, etc. The cases are designed to be compatible with only a few of these motherboard form factors so make sure your motherboard is on the compatibility list for the case.
  • Size: One of the main reasons to go for a horizontal PC case rather than a standard vertical design is the size of the case. Before you buy a horizontal PC case, you must ensure that the size of the horizontal case is suitable for your desk space. As you may already know, horizontal PC cases save a lot of space in terms of height, but they take significantly larger space in terms of length and width.
  • Cooler and GPU Compatibility: Other than the motherboard, you also need to check the compatibility of the case with the CPU cooler as well as the graphics card. It is even more important now as the new generation of graphics cards is quite large in size. As for the CPU cooler, you might already know that high-capacity air CPU coolers are quite large in size. And as the height of the horizontal PC case is already too short, their compatibility with large CPU coolers is even narrower.

While the features mentioned above are some of the most essential features of a PC case, you need to know a lot more before you finalize your choice. Fortunately, you won’t need to browse hundreds of options in the market as we have already shortlisted the best horizontal PC cases right here. We will also inform you a lot more about the essential qualities of a PC case up next in our Buying Guide for the best horizontal PC cases, so make sure you stick around for that.

Best Horizontal PC Case 2022

Best Horizontal PC Case Reviews

1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

You might already be familiar with the brand Cooler Master if you have any prior experience in custom PC building. Cooler Master also has many different peripherals apart from PC cases such as thermal coolers, PSUs, CPU coolers, and much more.

Coming in 1st place, we have one of the most famous brands in the market. The Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is a larger option compared to many other horizontal Pc cases. This case measures about 16.7 x 17.4 x 13 inches in size, making it the best option for high capacity PC build. And as this is a horizontal case, you can also use it as a testbench to test out various configurations quickly. The case also includes 2 highly durable trifle case fans for great airflow.

Coming to compatibility, this is an ATX case. Thus, it is compatible with almost all standard PC components as well as motherboards. For the CPU cooler, you will have a tolerance level up to 180 mm whereas the GPU compatibility ranges up to 334 mm. Within so much space, you can even fit an Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU which is the largest GPU in the market. For storage, you will get 4 slots where you can fit either an HDD or an SSD. On the front I/O panel, the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO features dual USB 3.0 ports as well as X docks.

Best Features

  • ATX form factor PC case
  • Measures 16.7 x 17.4 x 13 inches in size
  • Comes with 2 durable trifle case fans
  • Features 7 expansion slots
  • Rigid carry handles on the side for easier transportation


  • One of the largest options in horizontal PC cases
  • Coming from a reliable brand
  • You will get 4 slots for storage drives


  • Case size might be too large for some users

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2. SilverStone Grandia Series Aluminum HTPC Case

SilverStone Grandia Series

SilverStone is also a pretty popular brand for PC cases, especially for the ones that are designed for mid-range PC builds. The following horizontal PC case from SilverStone also offers many great features within a reasonable price tag.

In the 2nd position, we are placing the SilverStone SSI-CEB PC case. As this is a horizontal PC case, you will find it sized around 14.09 x 17.32 x 6.69 inches, making it significantly shorter than most other options. But, SIlverStone has still managed to deliver a great performance in terms of airflow with a positive air pressure design. It also keeps the case rather dust-free and silent. This is also an ATX PC case that can house up to 309 mm graphics cards. Thus this is also a great option for a high-end gaming computer.

Even within the budget-focused price tag, the SilverStone SSI-CEB still offers an Aluminum chassis for best build quality in this class. You can install both 2.5 as well as 3.5 inches storage drives in this case. As for the cooling fans, the case only supports 120 mm standard case fans which might not be your first choice, as 240 mm fans are much more powerful. But, the SilverStone SSI-CEB also offers 8 expansion slots for any additional PCIe components you may require in future.

Best Features

  • ATX form factor PC case
  • Measures 09 x 17.32 x 6.69 inches in size
  • Positive air pressure design
  • Supports up to 309 mm GPUs
  • Quick access filters included with case


  • Great option for the price
  • Supports up to 8 expansion slots
  • Comparatively shorter than most other horizontal PC cases


  • More storage drive slots should have been provided

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3. Fractal Design Black Mini-ITX Computer Case

Fractal Design

Instead of fancy and vibrant designs, a lot of users prefer going with a subtle PC case design for a casual desktop computer. If you also have a similar taste, make sure you check out the following option from Fractal Design.

Fractal Designs is definitely one of the lesser-known brands available on our selection today. But, you might consider this PC case as it offers a compact as well as a cheaper alternative for a horizontal PC case. The Fractal Design Node 202 is designed for mini ITX motherboards and it is the perfect option for compact PCs. The case itself measures around 13.07 x 14.84 x 3.46 inches in size, making it the slimmest horizontal PC case you can find in the market. But, it still supports up to 310 mm long GPUs, which is pretty impressive.

As for the thermal design, you will have to avoid large air coolers as the case height is only 3.46 inches. There are 2 USB ports provided on the front I/O of the case, out of which one is a high speed USB 3.0 port. And as the case won’t be compatible with most standard PSUs, Fractal Designs is offering an integrated SFX PSU that has a 450 watts power capacity. You also get a variety of options for case fans from the Fractal Designs case fans series, compatible with the Node 202.

Best Features

  • Mini ATX form factor PC case
  • Measures 07 x 14.84 x 3.46 inches in size
  • Slimmest horizontal PC case
  • Comes with a PCIe 3.0 riser card
  • Features an enclosed 450 watts SFX PSU


  • One of the cheaper options for a horizontal PC case
  • Subtle and compact case design
  • Supports up to 310 mm GPU length


  • PSU capacity is not suitable for current-gen PC builds

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4. GOLDEN FIELD N-1 Mini ITX Gaming PC Case

GOLDEN FIELD N-1 Mini ITX Gaming PC Case

As we are discussing budget-focused options, let us introduce you to the following option from GOLDEN FIELD. If you are not already familiar with the brand, GOLDEN FIELD also specializes in PC cases with a variety of options in every budget range.

Up next, we have the GOLDEN FIELD N-1. This is the most affordable option available on our picks of the best horizontal PC case. This is also a mini ITX PC with 10.24 x 12.6 x 7.87 inches dimensions. As you might have noticed, it has a cubicle design instead of the standard rectangular form factor. But, the case still offers a full mesh on the front panel to offer efficient airflow in the case. As for the compatibility with components, you won’t have to worry as the GOLDEN FIELD N-1 supports up to 270 mm GPUs and 120 mm liquid cooling radiators.

The GOLDEN FIELD N-1 also offers compatibility with up to 160 mm tall CPU coolers, which includes most high capacity CPU air coolers in the market. With the mini tower design, GOLDEN FIELD has managed to offer only 2 storage options in the case: one 3.5 inches HDD and one 2.5 inches SSD slot. Even the connectivity options on the GOLDEN FIELD N-1 are lesser in comparison with many other choices as you only get 1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 port.

Best Features

  • ITX form factor PC case
  • Measures 24 x 12.6 x 7.87 inches in size
  • Full mesh panel at front
  • Supports 270 mm long GPUs
  • 120 mm liquid cooling radiator is supported


  • Compatible with many high-end CPU coolers
  • Cubicle design to reduce the footprint
  • Easy to relocate


  • Connectivity and storage upgrade options are limited

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5. Fractal Design Black Mini-ITX Computer Case

Fractal Design node

Fractal designs also have an alternative option for those who are looking for a taller horizontal PC case. The following option from Fractal Designs belongs to their premium PC case category.

The Fractal Design Node 202 has an alternative design that measures about 5.7 x 18.2 x 13 inches in size. As you can see, it offers a bit higher tolerance for CPU coolers, making it a better option for most users. As for the design, the case is pretty much identical to our last pick, It features the same subtle design aspect which is best suited for casual PC builds. This is also a mini ITX PC case that comes with a PCIe 3.0 riser card, allowing support for up to 310 mm GPUs.

Similar to the last option we checked from Fractal Design, this PC case also includes an integrated SFX 450 watts power supply inside the case. The PSU is specially designed for the Node 202 PC case, thus offering specialized cables that help a lot at the time of assembly. The case design is highly versatile and you can use the case vertically as well as horizontally without any issues. Even the interior of the case is designed in such a way that all components receive uniform airflow for optimal performance.

Best Features

  • Mini ATX form factor PC case
  • Measures 7 x 18.2 x 13 inches in size
  • One of the slimmest horizontal PC cases
  • Comes with a PCIe 3.0 riser card
  • Features an enclosed 450 watts SFX PSU


  • Subtle and elegant design aspect for a PC case
  • One of the most compact options
  • Supports up to 310 mm GPU length


  • PSU capacity is not suitable for current-gen PC builds

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6. Cryorig Taku Monitor Stand Mini ITX PC Case

Cryorig Taku Monitor Stand

Even though horizontal PC cases offer almost identical technical specifications as a standard PC case, most options lack in terms of looks and aesthetic. But, the following option from Cryorig definitely offers an attractive look, suitable for its price range.

Completing our selection for the best horizontal PC cases, we have the Cryorig Taku horizontal PC case. This case is designed for mini ITX configurations and measures about 12.2 x 22.44 x 5.59 inches in size. But, the case still offers compatibility with a full-sized GPU up to 280 mm in length. It features a system tray that can be easily pulled out if you wish to take a look inside your cabinet.

The Cryorig Taku doubles the functionality as a heavy-duty monitor stand thanks to the solid hand-crafted wooden base. Thus, you can easily eliminate a monitor stand and a PC case from your setup list by selecting this horizontal PC case. Even though it is rather a compact option,it still offers slots from multiple storage drives. You will be able to install 2 2.5 inches SSDs along with a standard 3.5 inches hard drive.

Best Features

  • ITX form factor PC case
  • Measures 2 x 22.44 x 5.59 inches in size
  • Offers storage drive slots for two 2.5 inches SSDs and one 3.5 inches HDD
  • Supports up to 280 mm GPUs
  • Doubles the functionality as a monitor stand


  • Aluminum chassis of the Cryorig Taku can withstand monitor weight
  • High quality wooden base for a rigid support
  • Removable tray for quick maintenance and cleaning


  • Supported GPU length does not allow latest generation graphics cards

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Buying Guide For The Best Horizontal PC Case

Nowadays, custom PC builds are significantly more popular than a pre-built system. Building a customized PC allows you to choose the components that you want the most, along with the best-suited PC case for your taste. For that, there are a lot of brands in the market that specifically design PC cases in a variety of form factors.

Today, we have covered the best horizontal PC cases on our list and offered detailed information along with each of our picks. We have also offered a collection of the best features along with each of our picks to give you a comprehensive insight into what you will get when you buy the case. If you still want to know more about horizontal PC cases, make sure you check out our buying guide for the best horizontal PC cases.

1. Motherboard Compatibility

Irrespective of what type of PC case you are buying, you should always check the motherboard compatibility of your case to get the best results. If you have been planning to build a custom PC for quite some time now, you might have already selected the components that you wish to install in your system such as motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. Thus, your case must be perfectly compatible with all of these components in order to create a fully functioning custom PC. In the compatibility section, we will recommend that you primarily check the motherboard section. Usually, it is mentioned at the earliest so that you can get a quick idea about the compatibility of your case. Simply check the type of your case and make sure that your motherboard is of the same form factor. Generally, there are a variety of options for motherboards such as ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX, and many others.

2. CPU Cooler and GPU Support

Apart from the motherboard, the 2 most important components of your PC that usually cause compatibility issues are the CPU coolers and GPUs. Before you finalize your horizontal PC case, you must ensure that it can house the CPU cooler of your choice. The air CPU coolers are quite large in size, depending upon the brand and quality of the air cooler you are buying. Even in the case of a liquid cooler or AIO, your case must be compatible with the same radiator size as the one included with your AIO.

Coming to the GPU, the major issue, in this case, is the GPU length. If the GPU cannot be installed in a case, you will have to get a completely different card which is not an ideal condition. And with the current market condition, you might not even get an alternative option for a long time. To avoid such problems, simply check the length of the GPU you want to install in your system and check its compatibility with the case. Case manufacturers usually mention supported GPU length in mm which should be higher than your GPUs length.

3. PSU Support

The PSU is also a major component of your system since you cannot turn on the system without a dedicated power supply unit. For the newer generation of CPUs and GPUs, the overall power requirement is quite high. Thus, you will need a fairly large PSU if you want to build a high-capacity gaming computer with the latest generation CPU and GPU. But for that, your case must be capable of housing such a unit without any problems.

For that, you can check the compatibility of the horizontal PC case against the PSU of your choice beforehand. Similar to that of a motherboard, the PC cases also have a compatibility standard for PSUs. PSUs are designed in standard form factors like ATX or SFX that must be supported by your PC case. While the majority of horizontal PC cases are compatible with ATX PSUs, a handful of options might only support SFX PSUs that are comparatively smaller in size.

4. PCIe Expansion Slots

Lastly, we will recommend that you thoroughly check the available PCIe slots on your case. You might be wondering whether you should check the PCIe slots on the motherboard or the case. Well, for the best results, you need to check the availability of PCIe slots on both ends. While the motherboard offers connectivity of PCIe-powered components, the case allows installation of the same via dedicated PCIe installation ports.

Apart from the graphics card, there are a lot of PCIe components that you might need in the future such as network cards, audio cards, additional USB hubs, tuner cards, etc. For that, your case must offer additional PCIe expansion slots. Even if your case is compact in size, you should prefer an option that offers at least 2 to 3 PCIe expansion slots in total to get a future-proof PC build.


Q. Is it possible to install case fans on a horizontal PC case?

PC cases are designed along with dedicated slots for cooling fans. Even if you are buying a horizontal PC case, you will still have the option to install the cooling fans of your choice. However, make sure that you install the fans in the correct orientation to get optimal airflow inside your case. Generally, the fans that are designed for standard PC cases can be installed into a horizontal case without any problem.

Q. Is it possible to use a standard PC case in horizontal orientation?

Well, most standard cases can be used in horizontal orientation without any problem. But, the only condition is that the PC components must be installed in such a way that the setup is similar to the form of a horizontal PC case. As there are no moving parts present in the majority of PC components, the orientation should not be a problem. With that being said, we will still recommend getting a decent horizontal PC case if you are going to place the case in horizontal orientation, just to be on the safe side.

Q. Do I need a PSU shroud inside the PC case?

The PSU shroud does not actually affect the performance of your system, or that of the PSU powering your PC. But, it definitely contributes to the aesthetics and helps to create a clean PC build, which is preferred by a lot of users. If your case comes with a PSU shroud, you can easily hide most of the large and ugly cables coming out of the PSU. It will make it easier for you to manage the cables inside your case while allowing you to customize your PC even further with dedicated lights or a figurine of your choice.


You will find a wide range of options in the market when it comes to PC cases. First of all, there are categories of PC cases based on the motherboard compatibility which suggest the size and form factor of the cases. After that, there are different options available for each form factor so that users can find a variety of options before they finalize a PC case for their custom PC build. Today, we are focusing specifically on horizontal PC cases since it is slowly becoming a popular option for desktop PC builds. If you are unsure about how you can choose the best horizontal case, kindly check our buying guide for the best horizontal PC case. We will also offer some great recommendations right here which might be a great choice in your case.

Cooler Master is one of the most renowned brand names in the market for PC cases, Therefore, our first recommendation for the best horizontal PC case is the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. This case measures about 16.7 x 17.4 x 13 inches in size, which is a bit taller compared to other options. But with the extra space, you will also get an ample amount of airflow in the case. Along with that, you will also get 2 durable trifle fans. The case also supports up to 180 mm tall CPU coolers and up to 344 mm long graphics cards.

The GOLDEN FIELD N-1 on the other hand is the cheapest horizontal Pc case you can find in the market right now. It is a Mini ITX case that is best suited for compact PC builds. This case has a cubicle design rather than a horizontal one and measures about 10.24 x 12.6 x 7.87 inches in size. Still, the case supports up to 270 mm long graphics cards and up to 120 mm CPU coolers, making it a suitable choice for a heavy, gaming-focused PC build. Even within the compact form factor of GOLDEN FIELD N-1, you will get a 3.5 inches HDD and a 2.5 inches SSD slot for storage drives.

If you want an even flatter PC case, then the Cryorig Taku will be the best choice for your needs. This is also a Mini ITX PC case given that it measures only 12.2 x 22.44 x 5.59 inches in size. But, it is one of the most premium options in the market as it offers a high-quality aluminum chassis along with a solid hand-crafted wooden base. The case is suitable for most high-end graphics cards in the market with support for up to 280 mm long GPUs. You can also install 2 2.5 inches SSDs and one 3.5 inches hard drive in the case without any issues.

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