A Cozy Winter Home Refresh

Each year once December 26th hits I am raring to get our Christmas Decor down and start new! For me, there’s something so refreshing about having a blank slate. Wintertime, especially in Michigan, can be cold, dark, and dry. We are stuck at home more as snowstorms rage through and are forced to slow down. Which if you know me and my brain at all, you know that’s a difficult task to do. However, it doesn’t feel so bad when there’s a cozy home to spend time in and I’ve really been working this January to embrace a slowness in life that I haven’t had in quite some time. This week we had a little hiccup in in all of this refresh because we had a magazine coming to the house to photograph for…CHRISTMAS! Yes, we are preparing for Christmas at White Cottage Farm again, just for a day photoshoot. Nevertheless, in all the hustle and bustle has me preparing new vignettes and stylings in our home. So Today I am sharing our cozy winter home refresh on White Cottage Farm. It’s a little Christmas, a little winter, and a whole lot of cozy!

Because we find ourselves inside more in the winter months, we like to spend this time crossing off home items on our list. Giving our rooms fresh coats of paint, repairing holes in walls, and planning out our home goals for the year. As we are usually in a constant in a state or renovation over here at our 1800’s farmhouse, having spaces that feel the closest to “finished” at the time is something that I strive for. While I love the idea of undecorating for winter, I also love bringing in neutral winter decor as well to fill our home with.

Bedroom Refresh

Oftentimes we overlook our bedrooms because it’s not a space that many gather, but I think it’s really important to include our bedrooms when refreshing our home. It’s where we lay our heads down at the end of the night and even if there are stress and worries, the bedroom should be a relaxing place to forget about it all and focus on ourselves. So this year I made it my mission to decorate and refresh our cozy bedroom for winter. You can check out the full blog post and sources here [HERE].

Library Refresh

Our library room has been getting a lot of attention lately. I’ve been working from this room daily and it’s been really great having this space for everything to gather during the day. I shared the custom color that we painted last week on the blog here [HERE] and shared my neutral book collection.

Kitchen Refresh

Our kitchen has been in this arrangement since before Christmas and I’m really loving it. But for the purpose of the photoshoot happening at our home this past week and for just overall winter decoration, I wanted to add more greens. Bringing greenery into our home during this time of year always makes me so happy and hopeful for warmer weather.

Mudroom Refresh

During the winter months, mudrooms can feel like there is no hope when styling. Now that we have a toddler that LOVES playing in the snow, I’ve been really thinking about how this space can better serve our family. While also keeping everything (or trying to keep everything) dry. I added this day bed as an extra place to gather and get snow gear on and off and we will really be utilizing all of the peg rails.

In just no time at all, we will be preparing our homes for spring. While I do enjoy staying home and slowing down more during the winter months, I have to stay I am ready to start planning our garden and getting outdoors. For now… I’ll try not to get ahead of myself and enjoy this season we’re in. Do you like to refresh spaces in your home during the winter months? What are some things you do each year to make your homes feel extra cozy? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. I hope this cozy winter home refresh inspired you in some way and helped you get a better understanding of how I like to decorate during the winter. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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